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Name 6 1 6 3 Practice Geometry Directions You may complete this on loose leaf paper or do it on here This is due by the end of class You may use your classmates and notes This will be an accurate representation of what your quiz will look like 1 Write the ratios of the following a There are 16 ducks and 9 geese in a certain park Write the ratio of ducks to geese in two different formats b c A poster is 12 inches wide and two feet tall Write the ratio of the poster s width to height 2 The sides of a triangle are in a 2 3 5 ratio The perimeter is 250 cm Find the length of each side 3 Find the geometric mean of the following numbers Leave answers in simplest radical form a 12 and 42 c 15 and 31 b 11 and 44 4 Solve these proportions 5 Are the gures similar or not similar Justify your answer If they are write the similarity statement and nd the scale factor If not explain 6 The triangles are similar Find the value of the variables and the scale factor in the order of the given polygons

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UMBC MATH 150 - Practice Worksheet

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