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Amari Wiggins 891905249 1 Does Katz s observation that men and boys are responsible for the majority of violence in America imply that most men and boys are violent Why or why not Explain Katz obsservaton is based on statistics that show a high correspondence of the involvement of males in violent acts of crime Focusing on just gender genuinely overlooks the intersectionality of violence as a whole Katz isn t saying that all males are violent He is simply saying that all men have the ability to exert violent or aggressive traits These traits however depend on socioeconomic factors such as where a boy grew up and who his role models were Males are not born violent because if that were the case this statistic would exist for females as well This trait is devceloped during adolescent stages from small acts such as playing with wrestling figures or smashing trucks 2 What s the difference between Katz saying violence is about violent masculinity rather than about violent males Explain Katz emphasizes that violence is about violent masculinity rather than violent males This ties back to how we perceive issues revolving around gender based violence Rather than focusing on individuality he focuses on external factors that play a part in the matter Males are publicized as devious creatures whom do nothing but cause havoc and harm Violent masculinity refers to social norms such as aggression which means violence isn t inheret to males but moreso conforming what society believes it means to be masculine Violence is a learned behavior that is reinforced by the ideas of violent masculanity In reporting violence committed by boys and men how does the news 3 actually talk about the people perpetrating the violence The news tends to focus more so on who did the crime insstead ofwhat happened You often see headlines like Troubled Black Male Teen Robbed Store where the person committing the crime is publiiciized more than the actual crime When the news portrays men as criminals they tend to make an effort to find every bad thing they can find out about the criminal This is Amari Wiggins 891905249 an effort to dehumanize men and make them see like these overly angry and violent people 4 What does the culture teach young men and boys about what it means and what it takes to be a real man And what does it teach them about what it means when you don t live up to this ideal Culture has taught young men anf boys that they must assert high physical strength and toughness and be able to undergo a high degree of challenges without expressing signs of weaknes vulnerability While on the topic vullnerabiility society has made men feel like they must suppress their emotions Expressing emotions is like a sign of femininity And when a man shows signs of femininity people begin to question their sexality which iss how insults such as sissy and bitch come into play These are just a few internal factors that determine what it means to be a man but external factors exist as well such as vernacular and the way a male expresses himself through fashion and extracirriculars Living up to these ideals gains respect in society

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