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PSYCHOLOGY 309 PERSONALITY COURSE SYLLABUS Professor Jennifer E Wartella PhD LCP Email jewartel vcu edu Class Meeting Times Monday January 23 2024 from 6 7pm via Zoom Monday February 19 2024 from 6 7pm via Zoom Monday April 29 2024 from 6 7pm via Zoom Office hours By appointment Required Text Readings Larsen R J Buss D 2018 Personality Psychology Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature optional reference book most course info will come from posted articles videos and other course materials Various empirical articles and other materials will also be assigned and posted to blackboard throughout the semester Course goals 1 Develop a good understanding of the major contemporary theoretical approaches in personality theory including assumptions advantages and problems of each 2 Develop a good understanding of methodology and relevant issues concerns in personality psychology 3 Learn how to identify and evaluate relevant Personality research according to specific frameworks domains 4 Develop skills in thinking psychologically with regard to the ongoing development of your own personality Apply evidence based information to your own understanding of yourself and interactions with others 5 To actively support a learning environment where we can learn from the diverse views and experiences of one another To integrate and apply our discussions regarding course material to real world challenges 6 Apply and experiment with concepts and theories related to the field of Personality to in your personal and social interactions Class Format This course will be formatted as an ONLINE class As such we will meet 3 times throughout the semester for approximately 45 minutes to review and discuss important administrative issues related to course expectations and assignment first class introductions and overview midterm instructions and overview and final exam instructions and overview You will otherwise be expected to review a series of websites readings questionnaires surveys and videos to be posted to CANVAS then 1 think critically about the materials and create a reflection post also on CANVAS that integrates the concepts and connects it with our weekly themes At the end of the semester you will also create a final paper that applies many of these concepts to your own experiences and considers how much of your own personality is stable vs can change and if so under what circumstances and how might this come about due at the end of the semester All exams will be administered ON LINE and students are expected to complete them independently and return by the due date time to avoid loss of points for late submissions Course Requirements Attendance Attendance for the 3 scheduled zoom meetings will not be taken or monitored for this course All course material and lectures which will be non synchronous except for 3 scheduled zoom meetings to go over course expectations and discuss strategies for taking the midterm and final attendance is recommended for these zoom meetings but not required will be posted to Canvas each Tuesday evening with the expectation that you will review the material including lectures videos etc and complete the related assignments by the following Monday at midnight Grade Distribution Course Requirements Midterm Final Weekly Assignment Reflection Posts Applied Personality Analysis Paper APAP Exams Percentage Points of Total Grade 30 30 20 Due Dates March 1 2024 May 6 2024 Varies 1 week after weekly material assigned 20 April 22 2024 There will be 2 essay style examinations this semester a midterm given at approximately half way through the semester and a final given the last week of the semester see class schedule above for specific dates and associated material to be tested Each exam will count as 30 of the course grade Exams are due by midnight the following week after we review the guidelines for these exams on Zoom Weekly Reflection Posts These are written assignments that will be submitted through Canvas or email if you encounter any problems submitting through Canvas throughout the semester 1 for every week new material is introduced Each week you will receive via Canvas under Assignments an outline of important lecture material covered that class and a list of websites links and activities to complete on line prior to the next class After the list of supplemental material will be a series of questions to answer for your reflection 2 assignment that week which should average about 1 2 pages Upon reviewing chapter material and completing related tasks you should thoughtfully consider the questions and apply integrate the supplemental material into your response each reflection should center around your original thoughts reactions comments etc that you experience when you complete the weekly assignments These papers should be submitted through Canvas by midnight the night before the next class See below for grading guidelines To help guide your approach to these discussions here are the requirements to earn specific points on reflection posts A 3 point reflection has thoughtful commentary that specifically includes references and or discussion directly related to online resources assigned that week personal experiences when relevant introduces new ideas and questions and or thoroughly addresses a specific aspect of the topic number of words is within the required range allowed and is submitted ON TIME A 2 point reflection has reference to some type of course material some personal reference but may not clearly connect to the course material or topic did not thoroughly address the topic number of words is within required range OR reflection is last within 14 days A 1 point reflection has incorrect or partial reflection no reference to relevant material irrelevant ideas does not meet the minimum number of words is repetitious OR reflection is over 14 days late NO POINTS will be given to reflections that are not submitted OR are appear to plagiarize any material including already submitted posts Course Paper Applied Personality Analysis Application Paper Does personality change or stay the same Personality psychologists have long debated and explored whether Personality remains stable or can change which by the very definition of Personality is likely limited however new research is challenging some of these traditional beliefs For this paper students will be required to focus on one aspect of their personality they feel has been stable since birth and one aspect trait or

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