TARLETON GED 0104 - Summative Assessment #1
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Science and Technology GED0104 Section 30 Wed Summative Assessment 1 Ms Marielle De Mesa Science and Technology have an immense influence on society and contribute to nation building Through the creation of new concepts utilization of knowledge and application allows us to formulate solutions for various issues within the society ultimately the community for the improvement of human lives and the community as a whole Mormina 2019 On the other hand Cyber Selves pertain to our personality or how we present ourselves on the internet Adeyemi et al 2016 These topics discussed in GED0104 are informative and relevant to our current society and the development of an individual and the community Reflecting on our current situation it is important we have awareness and initiative to be educated about these fields According to the FEU PILS by Dr Giovanni Tapang science and technology in the Philippines are underdeveloped and stunted because of several reasons one is the lack of sustainable opportunities and structural problems For instance the lack of opportunities for Filipinos in terms of employment technological advancements innovation and business leads to excessive labor export due to low compensation or pay rate in the country According to a report by Statista about 745 000 OFWs were deployed to work overseas with a 35 increase from the previous year However due to the pandemic the number plummeted in 2020 which affected OFWs who are left with little to no source of livelihood Statista 2022 In terms of education the learning and knowledge of students in science and mathematics aren t being utilized The lack of adequate support and effective learning techniques for both students and teachers made it more difficult to boost the interest among youth to excel in Science and Mathematics fields Students are limited and are not able to innovate due to a lack of information and equipment As a student these learnings made me more aware of the situation in our Science and Technology fields I can also strive to be more aware of our national situation to gain more skills and knowledge I can share with my others and to try to participate in student research that could be beneficial and help science and technology in the country prosper As a citizen these learnings are critical because everyone is affected by the different effects not only the current generation but also the next I have a social responsibility as the youth of the current generation to be more aware and involved in the ways I can contribute to betterment in these fields I still believe there is still a good chance for Filipinos in the future as long as we strive to improve ourselves as a country Being one of the youths who have the privilege to use it at its optimal potential and enjoy its advantages the topic of our Cyber Self is relatable According to the lecture of Dr Maria Diosa Labiste the most common reason for coming online are the promise of connectivity and building community which can also make us feel alone and misled despite being connected The advantages of the internet include easier ways to communicate we get to meet new friends and the possibilities of wealth and fame Soffar 2015 Meanwhile disadvantages include the influx of misinformation and disinformation while we are still premature at imposing laws to regulate them Howard et al 2021 Since the internet allows animosity and freedom there is no limit for us This idea has led us to create our cyber selves We tend to be more ideal when we go online and sometimes hide in a different name face language nationality and culture because that is what we think that others will perceive and expect of us The downside is we lose our own identity and even cultural identity because we want to please people on the internet We are unique in our own ways and there are people who will accept us for who we are As a student we must utilize the internet to improve ourselves We must use it in a way we can impact society in a meaningful way We can use our cyber selves to influence people to support movements that can make a meaningful difference in society As a citizen these learnings about cyber self encourage accountability and responsibility We must be responsible and mindful of what we post online Fact checking is an important factor to counter fake or manipulated pieces of information and our visibility or participation is necessary Being responsible also means we limit ourselves to the excessive influence of people and content online Science and Technology is an essential part to elevate the quality of Filipinos Although the problems concerning it Dr Tapang highlighted how we are still underdeveloped meaning it is not the end for us The Philippines has the potential to be successful with proper planning and implementation of science or technology related projects we can improve the state of our country On the other hand The Internet has both good and bad effects since its influence is immense and the things we can do with it are broad and close to limitless Our cyber selves are one of the benefits of the internet we can utilize it by being responsible accountable and contributing to the betterment of the online and offline community Adeyemi I R Abd Razak S Salleh M 2016 April 21 Understanding Online Behavior References Exploring the Probability of Online Personality Trait Using Supervised Machine Learning Approach Frontiers https www frontiersin org articles 10 3389 fict 2016 00008 full Education World n d Why Do Singapore Students Surpass the Rest of the World in Math and Science Education World math and science 1384216695 https www educationworld com a news why do singapore students surpass rest world Howard P N Neudert L M Prakash N Vosloo S 2021 August Digital misinformation disinformation and children UNICEF https www unicef org globalinsight media 2096 file UNICEF Global Insight Digital Mi s Disinformation and Children 2021 pdf Mormina M Science Technology and Innovation as Social Goods for Development Rethinking Research Capacity Building from Sen s Capabilities Approach Sci Eng Ethics 25 671 692 2019 https doi org 10 1007 s11948 018 0037 1 PEW RESEARCH CENTER 2017 October 19 The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online Pew Research Center https www pewresearch org internet 2017 10 19 the future of truth and misinformation Soffar H 2015 May 21 What are advantages and disadvantages of using Internet Science online online https www online sciences com technology what are

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TARLETON GED 0104 - Summative Assessment #1

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