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bf f t tw w h 1 60 0 Pu MID SPAN 60 0 2 UNIFORMLY LOADED PLATE GIRDER 2 S1 01 SEE PROBLEM STATMENT FORLOAD MAGNITUDES ROOF 30 0 Fdn 0 0 2 SECTION 1 2 1 0 1 FRAMING ELEVATION 1 16 1 0 120 0 Problem Statement The plate girder is similar to the example that we used in class but with a differnt uniform load magnitude a point load mid span and length as noted Wudead 2 53K F Wulive 0 54 K F Pudead 60K The girder s unbraced length Lb 0 1 Design the girder following a method similar to or the same as that which we used in the class Maike sure that a b c d Flanges and the web are compact Moment capacity phi Mn is sufficient Shear capacity phiVn is sufficient Size the fillet welds to develop the greater of As x fyflange or Mu l 2 2 Check the following deflections a b c d 3 Calculate the grider s weight Wet dead load deflection Assume Wwet dead load 1 5K F Superimposed dead load deflection You can calculate Wdead super by diviiding the total factored dead load by the dead load factor and subtracting the wet dead load from the result Live load deflection Assuming this is a roof beam does the beam meet ASCE 7 live load deflection criteria This work is best done in a spread sheet or other means of automating calculations CE 247 Homework 1 Date Drawn By Scale 2024 01 23 AK As indicated S1 01 M P 2 5 0 0 7 4 2 0 2 3 2 1

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Berkeley CIVENG 247 - Homework 1

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