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USCViterbi EE 450 Introduction to Computer Networks Units 4 Term Day Time TTh 2 to 3 50 PM Lectures Discussion Monday 5 to 5 50 AM Location THH 116 Online Instructor Prof Cauligi Raghavendra Office EEB 216 Office Hours TTh 4 to 5 30 PM Contact Info raghu usc edu 213 740 9133 Catalogue Course Description Network architectures layered protocols network service interface local wide area wireless networks Internet protocols link protocols addressing routing flow control software defined network multimedia networks Learning Objectives Students will learn fundamentals of computer networks main protocols and applications of the Internet design and analysis of networks and use of software tools for understanding workings of the Internet Writing socket programming to learn about protocols and applications and use simulation and emulation for performance evaluation Registration Restriction Open only to junior standing and above Crosslisted as CSCI 450 Technological Proficiency and Hardware Software Required Students are required to have basic familiarity of programming and elementary probability theory Required Readings and Supplementary Materials Required textbook Computer Networking A Top Down Approach by James Kurose and Keith Ross 7th Ed Pearson Publishers Supplementary materials are tutorial notes on Unix C C and Mininet user guides Description and Assessment of Assignments This course is based on established materials from a widely used textbook There will be weekly homeworks with problems on materials covered in class programming projects see below for examples network simulations on simulation platforms like OPNET and NS 3 and lab exercises in the discussion period Sample programming projects include Programming Assignment 1 Error Detection Algorithm In this Programming assignment students are required to implement an error detection mechanism discussed in class This scheme is used in the DLC MAC layers to detect any possible errors in the received frame Recommended language C C or Python Programming Assignment 2 The Dijkstra Least cost Path Algorithm In this assignment students are asked to write a Program that computes the shortest spanning tree between a given node the root and every other node in the network Recommended language C C or Python Term Programming Project Network Socket Programming The objective of this assignment is to familiarize students with UNIX socket programming The Project consists of 3 parts The first part involves creating a server in C C or Python The second part requires the creation of a UDP client communicating with a server using Datagram sockets and a TCP client communicating with a server using Stream sockets and the third part will be to create a multi threaded proxy web server capable of supporting multiple requests at the same time Grading Breakdown Assignment Submission Policy Assignments are assigned weekly and due in class the following week Programming projects and mininet exercises are explained and assigned in discussion section Course Schedule A Weekly Breakdown Homework Deliverable Due Dates Week 1 Dates Week 2 Dates Week 3 Dates Week 4 Dates Week 5 Dates Week 6 Dates Week 7 Dates Chapter 1 Topics Daily Activities Readings Introduction and overview of course Network elements Internet Protocols Physical media Packet and message switching performance metrics protocol layers Link Layer Error Detection and Correction Ethernet Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Multiple Access protocols CSMA CD Data Centers Applications Web and HTTP e mail SMTP DNS HTTP P2P applications Transport Layer Protocols TCP and UDP Chapter 6 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Home Work 1 Home Work 2 Quiz 1 Home Work 3 Quiz 2 Home Work 4 Quiz 3 Home Work 5 Quiz4 Home Work 6 Programming project 1 assigned Programming Project 1 Due Term programming project part 1 assigned Syllabus for COURSE ID Page 2 of 5 Assignment PointsHome Works5Programming Projects15Quizzes10Mid Term Exam30Final Exam40TOTAL100 Week 8 Dates Week 9 Dates Week 10 Dates Week 11 Dates Week 12 Dates Week 13 Dates Week 14 Dates Week 15 Dates FINAL Date Chapter 3 Chapter 3 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Flow and Congestion Control MID TERM TCP Congestion Control Data and Control Planes Network Layer Forwarding SDN Approach Routing Algorithms BGP Broadcasting and Multicasting Network management Wireless and Mobile Networks Network Security Cryptography RSA scheme Multimedia networks and applications Content Distribution Networks Advanced Topics and Course review Term programming project part 1 due Term programming project part 2 assigned Programming project 2 assigned Term programming project part 2 due Home Work 7 Quiz 5 Home Work 8 Quiz 6 Home Work 9 Quiz 7 Home Work 10 Programming project 2 Due Programming project part 3 assigned Date For the date and time of the final for this class consult the USC Schedule of Classes at www usc edu soc Statement on Academic Conduct and Support Systems Academic Conduct Plagiarism presenting someone else s ideas as your own either verbatim or recast in your own words is a serious academic offense with serious consequences Please familiarize yourself with the discussion of plagiarism in SCampus in Section 11 Behavior Violating University Standards https scampus usc edu 1100 behavior violating university standards and appropriate sanctions Other forms of academic dishonesty are equally unacceptable See additional information in SCampus and university policies on scientific misconduct http policy usc edu scientific misconduct Discrimination sexual assault and harassment are not tolerated by the university You are encouraged to report any incidents to the Office of Equity and Diversity http equity usc edu or to the Department of Public Safety http adminopsnet usc edu department department public safety This is important for the safety of the whole USC community Another member of the university community such as a friend classmate advisor or faculty member can help initiate the report or can initiate the report on behalf of another person The Center for Women and Men http www usc edu student affairs cwm provides 24 7 confidential support and the sexual assault resource center webpage http sarc usc edu describes reporting options and other resources Syllabus for COURSE ID Page 3 of 5 Support Systems A number of USC s schools provide support for students who need help with scholarly writing Check with your advisor or program staff to find out more Students whose primary

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