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Sort these general statements based on their occurrence in Eukaryotes and or prokaryotes in Venn diagram on a paper you will show your TA LA upload a picture or screenshot on canvas Transcription occurs in cytoplasm Transcription and translation are simultaneous Genes are regulated individually Transcription occurs in nucleus DNA synthesis direction 5 3 Transcription factors play a key role in regulation Genome is composed of many linear chromosomes Translation happens in ribosome Genome is composed a single circular chromosome RNA synthesis direction 5 3 Presence of introns and exons in pre m RNA Follow dogma DNA RNA protein Alternative splicing Not all genes are expressed at all time Gene expression is regulated Gene expression is regulated at the chromatin level epigenetic Chemical modification at proteins level regulate function and degradation RNA interference regulate mRNA miRNA and ncRNA Gene expression is mostly regulated at the transcription level Genes are regulated as a unit called operon Prokaryote Eukaryote

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FSU BIO 1040 - Gene

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