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Company Law Company Law is divided into three parts We will focus more on directors and the rest of the chapters This marathon session is not a complete study guide The first part is about foreign capital corporate reorganization and difficulty deposits The second part is about company order Some provisions might not have been discussed in class so make sure to study those The third part is about mega forms and company secretary legislation Pay attention to these chapters Part B is very important especially the chapters on directors and meetings Part C is also important but you can focus more on the other chapters Start with the introduction to company law which covers the basics There are certain things that have been added recently in the amendment video In the class I explained the difference between certain words used in the definitions such as probably show notwithstanding anything and subject to These words are important to understand when reading any act The word provision refers to a special rule made for something in addition to the general rule Notwithstanding anything means that a section with this phrase will take precedence over contradicting points in other sections Subject to means that a particular thing will have more weightage compared to other sections Without prejudice means without affecting anything given in any other section or act It is important to give equal attention to all sections for the purpose of interpretation Mandatory means always mandatory while directory means optional Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs there are various agencies created such as the Registrar of Companies ROC Central Registration Centers CRC Regional Directors RD Serious Fraud Investigation Office SFIO National Financial Reporting Authority NFRA and National Company Law Tribunals NCLT and National Company Law Appellate Tribunals NCLAT A company has a separate legal entity known as corporate personality meaning the company is different from its owners

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Company Law

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