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CLCS 383 CULTURE AND SOCIETY OF IMPERIAL ROME SPRING 2024 CLCS 383 ARM 1103 10 30AM CLCS 383 SC 239 1 30PM PRELIMINARY SYLLABUS JAN V2024 PROFESSOR N RAUH School of Languages and Cultures rauhn purdue edu Office Stanley Coulter Room 211 496 6079 Office Hours Tues Thurs 1 00 3 30 PM and by appt REQUIRED TEXTS William C Morey Outlines of Roman History Sir William Smith s Smaller History of Rome Rauh CLCS 181 Website Classical World Civilizations http web ics purdue edu rauhn Hist 416 hist420 HIST420 INDEX htm Packback Assignments you must purchase Packback access see below Required but Available on line Suetonius Lives of the Twelve Caesars Juvenal Satires Petronius The Satyricon New Testament Gospel of John PURPOSE OF COURSE To examine developments from the Augustan Settlement to the end of the Roman Empire 27 B C 476 A D and to explore aspects of cultural and social life throughout the Mediterranean at that time We will devote the first third of the semester to historical and constitutional developments at Rome the problems of imperial rule through the Julio Claudian Dynasty 27 B C through 69 70 A D The second third of the semester will focus upon economic social religious and urban life under the Flavian and Antonine Emperors 70 180 A D The final third of the semester will focus on developments in the Late Roman Empire Germanic migrations the Rise of Christianity the founding of Constantinople the Fall of the Roman Empire The course focuses extensively on the archaeological remains of the Roman world COURSE REQUIREMENTS Reading assignments 200 pp week weekly Packback assignments 10 minimum 3 in class quizzes MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAM ATTENDANCE POLICY Attendance in this class will be monitored on a regular basis in order to gauge over all student performance Attendance will be determined by demand for Review Sheets MAXIMUM EXCUSED ABSENCES 3 EVERY ABSENCE AFTERWARD 1 5 POINT DEDUCTION FROM FINAL GRADE AVERAGE Periodic in class exercises will be used to accomplish this Attendance exercises will NOT be announced in advance NO MAKE UPS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THESE EXERCISES TO OBTAIN THE CREDIT YOU MUST ATTEND THE CLASS WHEN THEY ARE ASSIGNED GRADE DISTRIBUTION Packback questions minimum of 10 10 2 QUIZZES 20 EACH Midterm and Final Exams 30 EACH Packback Requirements Your participation on Packback will count toward 10 of your overall course grade Submissions for each week are due on SUNDAY 11 59 PM In order to receive full credit you should submit the following per each deadline period 2 Insert your class s posting requirements per deadline period here you can find this info in your Packback Community for reference https app packback co my communities upcoming communities 3 Ex 1 Question worth 1 pt 2 responses worth 5 pts each 2 POINTS TOTAL PER ASSIGNMENT EQUALLING 1 OF FINAL GRADE EACH MAXIMUM 20 POINTS 2 10 OF FINAL GRADE All posts must achieve a minimum of 60 Curiosity Points to receive full credit PLEASE NOTE The Packback assignment is intended to be topical and to address the materials covered week by week in class THERE ARE NO MAKE UPS FOR PACKBACK ASSIGNMENTS The portal for each week s assignment closes on Sunday However the Packback assignment is available every week of the semester 16 deadlines You need to complete 10 of 16 to obtain full credit for the assignment Those who complete more than 10 will receive 5 extra credit EXAM points per assignment in excess of 10 How to Register on Packback Note Only access Packback through Brightspace in order to ensure your grades sync properly Click Packback within Brightspace Content Packback Questions to access the community Follow the instructions on your screen to finish your registration In order for your grade to be visible in Brightspace make sure to only access Packback via Brightspace Packback requires a 39 paid subscription How to Get Help from the Packback Team If you have any questions or concerns about Packback throughout the semester please read their FAQ at help packback co If you need more help contact their customer support team directly at help packback co For a brief introduction to Packback Questions and why we are using it in class watch this video https www youtube com watch v OV7QmikrD68 Roman Empire web links TEXTBOOK William C Morey Outlines of Roman History On line Roman History Testbook 1901 History 102 On line Lectures Archaic Rome The Roman Constitution The Roman Aristocratic Ethos Roman Imperialism The Fall of the Roman Republic Dictators and Emperors The Pax Romana Late Philosophical Developments Augustan Flow Chart Augustan Settlement Notes Tiberius Notes Claudius Notes Nero Notes Women s Notes Civic Life Notes Notes to Religion lecture Religion table Fall of Roman Empire Notes Diocletian Germanic Invasions Rise of Christianity On Line Resources Perseus Classical Library including Suetonius the Lives of the 12 Caesars Tacitus The Annals The Private Life of the Romans by Harold Whetstone Johnston http www forumromanum org life johnston html Forum Romanum Digital Library of Latin Texts including translations http www forumromanum org literature table html Nikelaos of Damascus Life of Augustus http www csun edu hcfll004 nicolaus html Plutarch s Lives all of the assigned lives are posted here the life of Caesar is unfortunately truncated http classics mit edu Browse browse Plutarch html Suetonius Divus Julius http www fordham edu halsall ancient suetonius julius html CURRENT SCHEDULE OF DEADLINES QUIZ 1 THURSDAY FEB 1 MID TERM TAKE HOME EXAM TUESDAY MARCH 5 QUIZ 2 TUESDAY APRIL 4 FINAL EXAM TBA to posted on brightspace DUE WED MAY 1 COURSE SCHEDULE PART ONE FORMATION OF THE PRINCIPATE JAN 9 FEB 1 Introduction Review of the Roman Republic Suetonius Life of Julius Caesar Plut Life of Caesar Review Morley chapters 1 26 Smith chapters 26 37 History 102 On line Lectures Archaic Rome The Roman Constitution The Roman Aristocratic Ethos Roman Imperialism The Fall of the Roman Republic Dictators and Emperors QUIZ 1 THURS FEB 1 FEB 6 15 The Augustan Settlement Morley chapters 23 24 smith chapter 38 39 Velleius Paterculus TBA R Syme Roman Revolution 476 508 All On Reserve The Reign of Tiberius Suet Life of Tiberius Augustan Flow Chart Augustan Settlement Notes RECOMMENDED Tacitus Annals 3 227 On Reserve Reign of Augustus The Julians on line textbook Feb 20 22 Reign of Caligula Suet Life of Gaius Morley Chapter 24 FEB 27 29 Reigns of Claudius and Nero Suet Lives of Claudius Nero The Julians Morley chapter 24 Tac Ann TBA

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