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General Chemistry 122 Exam 2 Pointers and Information Spring 2022 Monday February 27th In Person Exam Guidelines All students will go to their assigned lecture hall for Exam 2 as indicated by their instructor Students should plan to arrive at 5 50 PM Once the previous class has exited students should be seated promptly as directed by the TAs and instructors The Exam will start promptly at 6 00 PM and end promptly at 7 15 PM Students need to bring their student ID wear a mask bring a working calculator with batteries pencils and erasers NO other outside materials are allowed Cell phones are not allowed during this exam and may not be used in place of a calculator A periodic table and Avogadro s number will be given to you as part of the exam Any English to metric conversions needed e g cm to inches will be provided in a problem The exam is a mix of multiple choice fill in the blank and numeric problem solving You will be asked to show your work with problem solving and include units and correct significant figures in your answers There will be partial credit on some exam questions as indicated No outside scratch paper is allowed Extra room for problem solving will be given within the Please read the Academic Honesty Statement given in the syllabus It will be enforced exam Exam 2 covers most topics as stated in the syllabus from Chapter 3 Section 4 limiting reactants and yields all of Chapter 4 and all of Chapter 5 POINTERS 1 Be able to complete a range of stoichiometry questions including limiting reactant excess leftover reactants theoretical yields percent yields etc NOTE There is stoichiometry in all three chapters 2 Understand the difference in dissociation for molecular compounds vs ionic compounds including weak and strong acid dissociation Be able to relate their dissociation with their ability to conduct electricity strong electrolyte weak electrolyte and nonelectrolyte 3 Memorize the strong acids and bases in Table 4 2 in your text Be able to recognize the others in 4 Be able to write dissociation of ionic compounds and know how to calculate concentrations of this table are weak ions based on the dissociation 5 Understand molarity concentration units and be able to calculate and use molarity to solve problems including problems with solution reaction stoichiometry 6 Be able to write molecular equations includes being able to predict the products in double displacement reactions total ionic equations net ionic equations and be able to identify spectator ions a Double displacement reactions include precipitation neutralization and gas evolution b Neutralization reactions can include both strong and weak acids and strong bases 7 Be able to use the Solubility Rules in problem solving 8 Be able to determine oxidation numbers and then be able to identify which elements are oxidized reduced and which reactants are oxidizing reducing agents You should know the rules for assigning oxidation numbers listed in Table 4 5 on page 174 of your text 9 Be able to identify the different types of redox reactions Be able to predict products given the reactants and determine whether single displacement reactions occur using the Activity Series 10 Understand how different devices measure pressure barometers and manometers Be able to convert between different gas pressure units 1 General Chemistry 122 Exam 2 Pointers and Information Spring 2022 Monday February 27th 11 Understand the Simple Gas Laws and the relationship between the variables in Boyle s Charles s and Avogadro s Law Be able to apply these laws to solve problems 12 Understand the relationship between variables in the Ideal Gas Law 13 Be able to solve various problems using the Ideal Gas Law 14 Understand what STP means and what standard molar volume means 15 Be able to calculate mole fraction 16 Be able to solve various types of gas problems algebraic rearrangements of the ideal gas law such as density and molar mass combined gas law problems partial pressure problems reaction stoichiometry 17 Understand Kinetic Molecular Theory including understanding behavior of gases based on particle particle collisions root mean square speed Maxwell Boltzmann distribution kinetic energy effusion diffusion and real gas behavior Resources and study tips for studying and preparing for Exam 2 1 Go through each exam pointer Make sure to work on required memorization 2 As you review each pointer use the provided reference materials Gas Reference Equations Solubility Rules Activity Series and a Periodic Table to practice problem solving and concepts Relate concepts to problem solving Do you know what each variable in a given equation represents and what units to use for each variable 3 Some study tips suggestions from former students a Former 122 students suggest assigning yourself two problems per exam pointer Those problems can be from worksheets homework text sample or follow up problems or end of chapter problems b Make a Quizlet for strong acids and bases equation terms molecular total ionic net ionic reaction types oxidation number rules redox terms and simple gas laws 4 Redo Discussion worksheet problems for weeks 3 LR problem 4 5 and 6 without looking at your answers 5 Review lecture notes Redo lecture problems 6 Recharge your Smart Book Chapters 4 and 5 assignments You can practice answering multiple choice questions and work on conceptual questions no credit 7 Review Connect HW Weeks 4 5 6 and 7 8 Attend Instructor office hours 9 Attend TA and Peer Leading Office Hours in the MSLC M F You will need to login with your blackboard credentials to access the site Once you are in Chemistry choose 122 https mslc uic edu academic support chemistry 10 Attend the optional ZOOM Chem 122 Exam 2 Review Session on Saturday February 26 2022 from 10 00 11 15 AM This is a review open to all Chem 122 Students The second one will be hosted by Dr Hatfield This Zoom session will be recorded Your Chem 122 instructors will post a link to the Zoom recording later on Saturday A list of review problems covered in the session will post on your course blackboard site on Friday Topic Rita Hatfield s Zoom Meeting Saturday Review for Chem 122 Exam 2 Time Feb 26 2022 10 00 AM Central Time US and Canada Join Zoom Meeting https uic zoom us j 89082277974 pwd RXllYjB0WHllMzhoWk9MTE1ieXJ6dz09 Meeting ID 890 8227 7974 Passcode EG7QREcK 2

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UIC CHEM 112 - Exam 2 Pointers

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