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FORM C hybridization sp sp2 sp3 sp2 sp Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C CHEMISTRY 110 PRACTICE EXAM 3 1 What class of hydrocarbon is the molecule below and what is the hybridization on the terminal C indicated by the arrow A B C D E class alkene alkyne alkene alkene alkyne 2 Which of the following does not explain why gases deviate from ideal behavior at high pressure and low temperature A Gas molecules stop moving entirely when they are compressed to high B Gas molecules experience intermolecular forces at high pressure or low pressures temperature C Gas molecules take up volume which becomes significant at high pressure 3 Which of the following plots correctly describes how the volume of an ideal gas changes with increasing pressure assuming n and T are constant A B C D e m u l o V e m u l o V e m u l o V e m u l o V Pressure Pressure Pressure Pressure Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 4 Which of the following gases is not a greenhouse gas 5 Which intermolecular forces could exist between a molecule of XeF2 and a molecule of CH4 A Hydrogen bonds B Dipole induced dipole interactions C Dispersion forces D Hydrogen bonds and dispersion forces E All three hydrogen bonds dipole induced dipole interactions and dispersion forces 6 A 30 0 L gas cylinder contains O2 gas at 50 0 atmosphere pressure and 25 0 C How many moles of O2 gas are in the cylinder A CO2 B H2O C N2O D N2 A 731 moles B 122 moles C 61 3 moles D 7 22 moles E 0 605 moles Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 7 Capsaicin is the chemical compound responsible for the spiciness of chili peppers Which of the following functional groups is not present in capsaicin A Alcohol B Ether C Amide D Ketone A He B CH4 C NH3 D H2S E SO2 A 5 92 L B 25 0 L C 29 6 L D 38 1 L E 1 250 L 8 An unknown gas is found to have a density of 1 39 g L at 27 0 C and 1 00 atm pressure Which of the following could be the unknown gas 9 A gas begins at STP and occupies 5 00 L What will be the volume of the gas if the temperature is raised to 50 C and the pressure is dropped to 0 20 atm Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 10 If 3 47 kJ of heat are required to change the temperature of 200 0 g of benzene C6H6 by 10 0 C what is the molar heat capacity of benzene A 1 73 J K 1 mol 1 B 45 0 J K 1 mol 1 C 136 J K 1 mol 1 174 J K 1 mol 1 D E 890 J K 1 mol 1 11 What is the primary basis for the division of the atmosphere into regions A changes in pressure with altitude B changes in density with altitude C changes in altitude only D temperature changes with altitude Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 12 The root mean square speed of O2 gas molecules at a particular temperature is found to be 500 m s Identify the curve below that corresponds to the distribution of speeds of SF6 gas molecules at the same temperature A Curve I B Curve II C Curve III 13 How many s and p bonds are in the molecule shown O s bonds total p bonds OH A B C D E 10 16 17 18 18 8 4 4 8 4 Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 14 The structure of diphenhydramine more commonly known as Benadryl is shown below What is the molecular formula of diphenhydramine A C15H17NO B C17H19NO C C17H21NO D C17H23NO E C19H23NO mixture T 25 0 C V 15 0 L P 1 30 atm A 0 130 atm B 0 195 atm C 0 325 atm D 0 520 atm E 1 30 atm He Ar Kr N2 CO2 Xi 0 10 0 10 0 15 0 40 15 What is the partial pressure of He in a cylinder that contains the following gas Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 16 Which of the following pairs of molecules are constitutional isomers Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 17 Under the same conditions of pressure and temperature 2 20 mol of N2 effuses through a pore 1 25 times faster than the same amount of a mystery gas What is the identity of this mystery gas A CH4 B CO2 C Cl2 D He E Kr 18 Which of the following molecules cannot have a geometric isomer Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 19 Shown below are diagrams representing two containers I and II which contain mixtures of helium and neon gas Small gray dots are helium and large black dots are neon atoms Containers I and II have the same volume and are at the same temperature In which container is the partial pressure of neon higher A Container I B Container II C The partial pressure of neon is the same in both containers 20 Which molecule does not feature delocalized bonding Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 21 Which interaction indicated with a dashed line is a hydrogen bond 22 The mole fraction of CO2 in dry air at sea level is 3 94 10 4 At standard temperature and pressure STP what is the mass of CO2 contained in 1 00 L of air A 7 74 10 4 g B 7 64 10 3 g 0 176 g C D 0 774 g 1 20 g E Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 23 A pure substance undergoes a phase transition and the temperature of the surroundings decreases Which phase transition could be occurring A melting B deposition C condensation 24 Arrange the following molecules in order of increasing boiling point OH CH3 OH I F II F III A B C D E Lowest Highest II III I II I III I II III III I II III II I A sp2 sp2 sp2 sp3 B C sp sp2 and p p D sp2 sp3 and p p sp2 sp2 and p p E 25 Which orbitals overlap to form the C O double bond O OH Name Chemistry 110 Practice Exam III Form C 26 When the volume of 1 mole of an ideal gas is reduced to half its original value the pressure doubles at constant temperature This is because A The average speed of the molecules is doubled when the volume is reduced B The frequency of collisions of gas molecules with the walls of the container C The average distance between molecules of the ideal gas is doubled when is doubled the volume is reduced 27 The figure below illustrates the intensity of IR radiation emitted by the earth and absorbed by the atmosphere …

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