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Course Information Course Number Course Title Section Time Location Credit Hours Instructor Details Instructor Office Phone E Mail Office Hours DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE ARCH 350 700 COURSE SYLLABUS SPRING 2024 ARCH 350 History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture 700 ONLINE ONLINE canvas tamu edu 3 Gabriela Campagnol Ph D ARCA 437 Langford Architecture Building A 437 979 845 7050 also Campagnol s personal Zoom meeting room campagnol tamu edu please email me with your tamu email account to schedule a time and include on the subject ARCH 350 topic i e ARCH 350 meeting 11am 1pm Tue Wed Architecture encompasses three requirements Firmitas durability Utilitas usefulness and Venustas beauty Vitruvius 70 BC 15 BC To be modern is not a fashion it is a state It is necessary to understand history and who understands history knows how to find continuity between that which was that which is and that which will be Le Corbusier 1887 1965 Architecture is the thoughtful making of space Louis Kahn 1901 1974 A poem doesn t have useless words phrases or verses A poem is concise rigorous and precise Architecture can also be like this architecture should have the precision and conciseness of a poetry Lina Bo Bardi 1914 1992 cited by Marcelo Ferraz Course Description Credits 3 3 Lecture Hours Development of modern and contemporary architecture in the 20th and 21st centuries materials structure social and economic changes as well as architectural theory Course Prerequisites Junior or senior classification Special Course Designation This course fulfills University Core Curriculum requirements in the foundational component area of Creative Arts ARCH 350 also satisfies the graduation requirement for International and Cultural Diversity ICD University Core Curriculum Creative Arts CORE ARCH 350 fulfills the University Core Curriculum requirements in the Foundation Component Area of Creative Arts Courses in this category focus on the appreciation and analysis of creative artifacts and works of the human imagination Creative Arts courses involve the synthesis and interpretation of artistic expression and enable critical creative and innovative communication about works of art The following skills will be addressed in the courses that comprise this area critical thinking communication teamwork and social responsibility For more information about the University Core Curriculum see http catalog tamu edu undergraduate general information university core curriculum Page 1 of 10 DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE ARCH 350 700 COURSE SYLLABUS SPRING 2024 ARCH 350 will address in particular the following skills through in class out of class and online activities critical thinking including creative thinking innovation inquiry and analysis evaluation and synthesis of information communication including effective development interpretation and expression of ideas through written oral and visual communication teamwork including the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal and social responsibility including intercultural competence knowledge of civic responsibility and the ability to engage effectively in regional national and global communities International and Cultural Diversity ICD ARCH 350 is one of the courses that partially fulfills the Texas M University requirement for International and Cultural Diversity http catalog tamu edu undergraduate general information degree information international cultural diversity requirements Courses approved in this category have been designed to make sure that a student who graduates from Texas A M University with a baccalaureate degree will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate social cultural and global competence including the ability to Live and work effectively in a diverse and global society Articulate the value of a diverse and global perspective and Recognize diverse economic political cultural and religious opinions and practices Statement on International and Cultural Diversity ARCH 350 surveys the modern global built environment in a diverse range of cultural and social contexts from the 20th and 21st centuries Key elements of this exploration include theories movements and architects as well as design artifacts from small furniture fashion and commercial products to large buildings landscapes and cities These artifacts are examined in relation to social and cultural issues and within the broader intellectual context of art philosophy and technology In this culture historical approach to modern and contemporary architectural history students develop an awareness of the evidence for the transmission of design and technology across cultures and over time and an understanding of how cultural identity is articulated in the visual arts the motivations and societal forces behind the design and the process of creating and recognizing new relevant expressions The analysis of the modern and contemporary architecture provides an opportunity to discuss issues of social memory identity adaptive reuse sustainability historic preservation and the possibility of building better places By learning how to appreciate understand and respect the built environment of different cultures and contexts students will gain insights into how the world we build has always reflected who we are including the idea that architecture vividly reflects the culture in which it has evolved and actively shapes the culture in which we live giving it visual and creative significance Course Learning Outcomes ARCH 350 examines the architecture in the 20th and 21st centuries This includes theories movements architects buildings materials structural systems and social political economic and urban developments Student will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of architecture through analysis of form function and context By exploring the built environment students will develop a critical approach to understanding elements of design construction and theory Students who successfully complete this course will be able to Recognize the defining characteristics of modern architecture and describe them using formal and technical vocabulary diagrams developments Develop a conceptual framework for understanding how architecture is evaluated by the discipline Analyze architectural illustrations including plans sections elevations isometrics renderings and Distinguish significant developments in

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