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Laboratory 1 Compression and Hardness ME 330 Individual Formal Report Tables and graphs must be titled Properties in tables must include units Graphs must have clearly labeled axes with units Analysis of Results Points for Discussion 1 In order to get statistically signi cant data download hardness data from several lab sections Indicate in your report which sections you took data from Compute the mean median and standard deviation of these hardness values for each material tested 4340 Steel 0 luminum Comment on the sources of variation of the hardness readings 10 Points 2 Discuss the appropriate hardness scale for each material For the materials where you measured Brinell hardness and hardness using another scale compare the measured Brinell values with those obtained using the approximate conversion tables given in the lab manual Comment on any systematic di erences 10 Points 5 A 7 7 Plot the engineering stress strain curve for all materials compression tested on the same graph Based on the graph briefly discuss similarities and differences between the different materials with respect to stiffness yield and strength On a separate graph plot the true versus engineering stress strain curve for the aluminum alloy 10 Points Compute and tabulate the following compressive properties elastic modulus engineering 0 2 offset yield strength and ultimate strength 10 Points Sketch or photograph your specimens and discuss the e ect of any observed barreling distortion on your computed values in the preceding discussion point If any of the specimens broke during testing discuss the fracture behavior e g Was it brittle or ductile What angles does the fracture surface have with respect to the compression axis 10 Points 3 4 5

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UIUC ME 330 - Laboratory #1, Compression and Hardness

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