XI-CS Study Material 2023-24

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KENDRIYAVIDYALAYA SANGTHAN REGIONALOFFICE CHANDIGARH An Autonomous Body Under the Ministry of Education Government of India COMPUTER SCIENCE SESSION 2023 24 CLASS XI ADVISORS Mrs Prreti Saxena Deputy Commissioner KVS RO CHANDIGARH Sh T Brahmanandam Sh Jugal Kishore Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner KVS RO CHANDIGARH KVS RO CHANDIGARH CO ORDINATION TEAM Mr SANJEET KUMAR SAGAR PRINCIPAL KV SECTOR 47 CHANDIGARH Mr SEEMA RATHOUR PGT CS KV SECTOR 47 CHANDIGARH CONTENT TEAM Mr PARAMJEET SINGH PGTCS KV NO 5 BATHINDA CANTT Ms HARJEET KAUR PGT CS K V FEROZEPUR CANTT 2 Mr HARTEJ SINGH PGT CS K V HUSSAINPUR NO 2 Mrs AMARJEET KAUR PGT CS K V PATIYALA NO 3 Mr D K JUNEJA PGT CS GURDASPUR TIBRI CANTT Mrs MEENAKSHI SINGH PGT CS PATHANKOT NO 3 EXPERT CONTENT CREATER Mr ASHOK KUMAR PGT CS KV KAPURTHALA Mr DEVENDER KUMAR PGT CS CHANDIGARH 3 BRD Mr ASHOK KUMAR BHUKAL PGT CS KV DAPPER ORGANISER Mr CHANDRA PRAKASH MEENA PGT CS KV 4 BATHINDA CANTT INDEXPAGE TOPIC NAME S NO 01 Unit wise Syllabus PAGE NO 4 8 02 Computer Systems and Organisation 08 26 03 Computational Thinking and Programming 1 27 98 04 Society Law and Ethics 99 116 05 Sample Question Paper with Marking Scheme 117 148 Computer Science Class XI Code No 083 2023 24 1 Learning Outcomes Students should be able to a develop basic computational thinking b explain and use data types c appreciate the notion of algorithms d develop a basic understanding of computer systems architecture operating system and cloud computing e explain cyber ethics cyber safety and cybercrime f understand the value of technology in societies along with consideration of gender and disability issues 2 Distribution of Marks Unit No Unit Name Marks Periods I II Computer Systems and Organisation Computational Thinking and Programming 1 III Society Law and Ethics Total Theory Practical 10 45 15 70 10 80 20 110 10 60 70 3 Unit wise Syllabus Unit I Computer Systems and Organisation Basic computer organisation Introduction to Computer System hardware software input device output device CPU memory primary cache and secondary units of memory bit byte KB MB GB TB PB Types of software System software Operating systems system utilities device drivers programming tools and language translators assembler compiler and interpreter application software Operating System OS functions of the operating system OS user interface Boolean logic NOT AND OR NAND NOR XOR NOT truth tables and De Morgan s laws Logic circuits Number System Binary Octal Decimal and Hexadecimal number system conversion between number systems Encoding Schemes ASCII ISCII and Unicode UTF8 UTF32 Unit II Computational Thinking and Programming I Introduction to Problem solving Steps for Problem solving Analyzing the problem developing an algorithm coding testing and debugging representation of algorithms using flowchart and pseudocode decomposition Familiarization with the basics of Python programming Introduction to Python Features of Python executing a simple hello world program execution modes interactive mode and script mode Python character set Python tokens keyword identifier literal operator punctuator variables concept of l value and r value use of comments Knowledge of data floating point complex boolean sequence string list tuple None Mapping dictionary mutable and immutable data types types Number integer Operators arithmetic operators relational operators logical operators assignment operators augmented assignment operators identity operators is is not membership operators in not in Expressions statement type conversion and input output precedence of operators expression evaluation of an expression type conversion explicit and implicit conversion accepting data as input from the console and displaying output Errors syntax errors logical errors and run time errors Flow of Control introduction use of indentation sequential flow conditional and iterative flow Conditional statements if if else if elif else flowcharts simple programs e g absolute value sort 3 numbers and divisibility of a number Iterative Statement for loop range while loop flowcharts break and continue statements nested loops suggested programs generating pattern summation of series finding the factorial of a positive number etc Strings introduction string operations concatenation repetition membership and slicing traversing a string using loops built in functions methods len capitalize title lower upper count find index endswith startswith isalnum isalpha isdigit islower isupper isspace lstrip rstrip strip replace join partition split Lists introduction indexing list operations concatenation repetition membership and slicing traversing a list using loops built in functions methods len list append extend insert count index remove pop reverse sort sorted min max sum nested lists suggested programs finding the maximum minimum mean of numeric values stored in a list linear search on list of numbers and counting the frequency of elements in a list Tuples introduction indexing tuple operations concatenation repetition membership and slicing built in functions methods len tuple count index sorted min max sum tuple assignment nested tuple suggested programs finding the minimum maximum mean of values stored in a tuple linear search on a tuple of numbers counting the frequency of elements in a tuple Dictionary introduction accessing items in a dictionary using keys mutability of a dictionary adding a new term modifying an existing item traversing a dictionary built in functions methods len dict keys values items get update del del clear fromkeys copy pop popitem setdefault max min sorted Suggested programs count the number of times a character appears in a given string using a dictionary create a dictionary with names of employees their salary and access them Introduction to Python modules Importing module using import module and using from statement importing math module pi e sqrt ceil floor pow fabs sin cos tan random module random randint randrange statistics module mean median mode Unit III Society Law and Ethics Digital Footprints tiquettes Digital Society and Netizen net etiquettes communication etiquettes social media Data Protection Intellectual property rights copyright patent trademark violation of IPR plagiarism copyright infringement trademark infringement open source software and licensing Creative Commons GPL and Apache Cyber Crime definition hacking eavesdropping phishing and fraud emails ransomware cyber trolls cyber bullying

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XI-CS Study Material 2023-24

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