Assignment week 4

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For each supply chain professional in the video Janice Same and Walter describe his her job and detail how digital technology supports him her in their work Janice Janice is the head of supply chain planning in a company that manages over 1000 companies She is also responsible for predicting how resources are used across a large number of interconnected internal external teams In the video Janice was told by her boss Stephany that her full integrated supply chain plan needed to be reworked because there was a change needed Janice needed to change her supply chain plan to have a 10 lift for her next presentation the next morning In this case Janice was not stressed about the unexpected request from her boss because her company s entire production system was made visible and she was able to use predictive algorithms that are accurate and works at a high speed By using this algorithm Janice was able to provide a report with real time insights Furthermore with the use of the algorithm and her cognitive skills Janice was able to forecast a plan instantly In this case Janice knew that her algorithm could easily help her with the 10 lift because she had all of the company s information available Sam Sam is a procurement director for a large multinational corporation who works with approximately 20 000 unique vendors In Sam s case each vendor delivers invoices in a different fashion Hence when Sam needs to know a specific information he obtains it by using a self learning system that effectively selects data from many documents such as bill of materials purchase orders and or invoices This system is also capable of diving into a huge source of data to recognize similarities needed by Sam Walter Walter is responsible for the day to day operations of a factory He uses digital technology in a real time way as customer s usage data pours into his system via connected sensors that were installed within their products Walter uses an algorithm that works in the consumption data from a customer and provides predicted data about when a client is about to place his next order Moreover Walter s company also shares their customer s information with suppliers around the world who are always up to date in regard to production schedules and engineering changes The system is also able to automatically match a customer consumption patter with the available material Then the system releases an order to the assembly stations whilst engineers make adjustments to the specifications At the end by working with this algorithm Walter is able to provide new instructions which are automatically updated in his system which further helps his work in this new digital revolution

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Assignment week 4

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