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SOCIAL SCIENCE QUESTION ANSWER 23 24 1 Name the countries in the Triple Entente Western Palayams 2 What were the three forms of nationalism in Europe 11 How are the Peasant uprisings in British India classified Britain France Russia England Jingoism France chauvinism Germany Kultur 3 List out any two causes for the failure of the league of nations Lack of military power No standing Army 4 How did great depression impact on the Indian agriculture The value of farm produce declined Farmers paid more Taxes 5 Who were the three prominent dictators of the post World War 1 Italy Mussolini Germany Hitler Spain Franco 6 Describe the Pearl Harbour incident Pearl Harbour incident 1941 Japan attacked American fleet Many battleships Planes were destroyed US declared War on Japan 7 List out Social evils eradicated by Brahma Samaj Customs of SATI Subjugation of women Advocated Widows Remarriage Abolition of Child marriage 8 Highlight the work done by Jyotiba Phule for the poor and the marginalized Opened the first school untouchables in Pune Protest against Child marriage Supported Widow Re marriage 9 What are the duties of palayakaras To collect revenue To administrative the territory To settle disputes To maintain law and order 10 Identify the Palayam based on the division of east and west Eastern palayams Sattur Nagalapuram panchalankurichi NaduvanKurichi Uthumalai Singampatti Restorative rebellions Religious moments Social banditry Mass insurrection Satara Jhansi Nagpur Sambalpur Some parts of Punjab 12 Name the territories annexed by the British under the doctorine of lapse 13 Describe the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre People were gathered at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar General Dyer opened fire on people without any warning More than thousand injured 14 Why did Gandhi withdraw the Non Co Operation movement In Chauri Chaura violence The mob burnt the police station Gandhiji withdrew the Non cooperation movement 15 Write a note on Bhagat Singh Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter They through pamphlets and shouted Inquilab Zindabad 16 Write as short note on Martyrdom of Tirupur Kumaran On 11 january 1932 a procession carrying national flags Kumaran was brutally beaten by the police in Tirupur Fell dead holding the national flag aloft 17List out the personalities who contributed to the revival of Tamil literature through their writings C W Dhamodaran U V Swaminadhar Bharadhidasan Maraimalai Adigal Vaiyaburi 18 Name the Newspapers published by the South Indian Liberal Foundation Tamil Dravidan English Justice Telugu Andhra Prakasika 19 Estimate Periyar as a feminist Emphasised women s right to divorce and property Condemned child marriage Social Reformer 20 Name the neighbouring Countries of India Pakisthan Afghanisthan China Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh Myanmar Sri Lanka 21 The importance of IST The standard Meridian 82 30 E Allahabad Mirzapur Ahead of Greenwich MeanTime longitude 5 30 hrs 22 Write a short note on Deccan plateau Triangular in shape The longest plateau in India The area about 7 lakh km2 23 Write a brief note on the island group of Lakshadweep Location west Coast of India Area of 32 km2 Coral Island Capital Kavarati 24 List the factors affecting climate of India Latitude Latitude Altitude Distance from the Sea Monsoon winds Relief features Jet Streams winter Pre monsoon South West Monsoon North East Monsoon 26 Name the area which receive heavy rainfall 28 State the types of agriculture practices in India Assam Arunachal Pradesh The Western coast Meghalaya Tripura Nagaland 27 Define Agriculture Cultivation of Crops Food for people Fodder for cattle Animal Husbandry Subsistence farming Shifting agriculture Intensive farming Drive farming Mixed Farming Terrace farming Tea Coffee Rubber Spices 29 Mention the plantation crops of India 30 Define the resource and state its types Anything derived from the environment used by living thing Renewable Sources Solar energy Non Renewable Sources Coal 31 State the uses of magnesium Basic raw material for alloying Manufacturing of Insecticides Manufacturing of Batteries 32 Name the different types of coals Anthracite Bituminous Lignite Peat 33 State the boundaries of Tamilnadu East Bay of Bengal West Kerala North Andhra Pradesh North west Karnataka South Indian Ocean The sand dunes formed along the coastal areas 25 Name the four distinct seasons of India 34 What is Teri 35 Explain the cropping seasons of Tamilnadu Sornavari Samba Navarai 36 State how many types of fundamental rights by the Indian Constitution Right to Equality Right to freedom Right against exploitation Right to religion Cultural and educational rights Right to constitutional remedies 37 List out the three heads of the relations between the centre and the States Legislative relations Administrative relations Financial relations 38 What are the different categories of ministers at the union level Cabinet Ministers Ministers of state Deputy ministers 39 What is the qualification of Judges of the Supreme Court Citizen of India Judge of High court for at least 5 years Advocate of High court for at least 10 years A distuinguish JURIST 40 List any four guiding Principles of Panchsheel Mutual non aggression Mutual non interference Equality and co operation Peaceful co existence 41 Name the Architects of the Non Aligned movement Nehru Tito Nasser Sukarno Nkumarah Afghanistan Pakistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal Maldives Srilanka 43 Write the importance of Gross Domestic Product Study of Economic growth National Income Comparison with developed countries Inflation and Deflation 44 Write the name of economic polices in India Agriculture Policy Industrial Policy New Economic policy 45 Write the types of Globalization Archaic Globalization Proto Globalization Modern Globalization 46 Write some name of the nutrition programs in Tamilnadu Nutrition Meal Programe Mid Day Meal Programe Tamil Nadu Nutrition Programe Nutritional Support to Primary Education 47 Define tax Compulsory payments to government without expectation of benefit 48 Why we pay tax to Government To revenue to fund governance To carry out many functions 49 What are the types of tax Give examples Direct Taxes Income Tax Wealth Tax Corporate Tax Indirect Taxes Stamp duty Entertainment Tax GST 50 Write Short note on Goods and ServiceTax Indirect Tax Aim One Nation One Market One Tax Tax Passed in Pariament 2017 Funds earned on the black market The unaccounted money 52 What is meant by an industrial cluster Common Markets

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