C++ Tutorial for Beginners

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C Tutorial for Beginners Learn C in 1 Hour C Programming Language C is one of the most popular programming languages in the world It is the language of choice for building performance critical applications such as video games device drivers web browsers servers operating systems and more That s why it s used by large companies like Adobe Google Microsoft Netflix and even government agencies like NASA The latest version of C is version 20 with the next version coming out next year The average salary of a C programmer in the US is just over 170 000 a year The Two Things to Learn To master C there are two things you need to learn the language itself meaning the syntax or the grammar of this language and the C standard library You need to be able to learn from the C standard library but you also need to learn the language itself to master it The language itself is a great choice It has influenced many programming languages like C Java and so called types of JavaScript like TypeScript Dart and more It s a great investment and opens a lot of doors for you to land a job as a software engineer Many people find C a bit intimidating but in reality you don t need to learn all of C to be able to write substantial programs In this course we ll explore major functionalities in the standard library but the library is huge so we ll only scratch the surface If you want to learn more there are books specifically written on this topic Using an IDE We use an Integrated Development Environment IDE which is basically an application that contains an editor for writing code as well as build and debug tools We ll explore how you can write some really cool programs as you re learning C I m going to give you plenty of exercises to help you better understand and remember the concepts Then you will see that C is not really that difficult I recommend using CLion but you can use any tool you prefer CLion is cross platform so it runs on Windows Mac and Linux You can try it for free for 30 days but then it requires a license If you don t want to pay for a license you can use the Community Edition which is free You can get it from the app store for Windows Mac or Linux Creating Your First C Program We re going to create our first C program together in the next lesson The first time you open CLion you re going to see a popup box for activating your license For now just select Start Trial You need to log into your Jet Brains account so either sign in or create a new account It s really simple and will only take a minute or two Now back to CLion We can start our trial now On this page we re going to click on New Project On the top we can specify the location of this project On my Mac it s going to be on users myname CLionProjects I m going to delete all this code because it maintains a file that is the main file of our program The next lesson will be written in a file called main cpp If you accidentally close it you can easily find it in the project window so expand this folder and here is main cpp Conclusion C is a great programming language to learn and it has numerous applications With a little practice and patience you can be on your way to building amazing programs Please try it out and see for yourself C is a case sensitive language so the uppercase and lowercase letters matter Make sure to type the code exactly as shown to avoid errors We will define a function and its return value will indicate whether our code terminated successfully The first line of the program should start with include followed by the angle brackets and the name of one of the files in the standard library In this case we use iostream for input output stream The bottom of the library marks the end of our program The code gets compiled into machine code which is a language that the computer s operating system understands Each operating system uses a different machine code so we have to compile our program for each OS we want it to run on In this video I will teach you how to run your C program and how to use the standard library s functions to print on the console Afterwards we will look at some common expressions and errors that you may encounter Once you understand the basics of C you can move on to writing applications with a graphical user interface if that is what you want To change the appearance of the C editor we can install new themes such as the popular Dracula theme

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C++ Tutorial for Beginners

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