GCC HIST 144 - History of Anti-Semitism Syllabus

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Course Title History of Anti Semitism Course Description This course explores the historical development of anti Semitism from ancient times to the present day Through a chronological and thematic approach we will examine the various manifestations of anti Semitic attitudes prejudices and actions and analyze the social political and cultural contexts that contributed to them The course will also focus on the impact of anti Semitism on Jewish communities as well as efforts to combat anti Semitic discrimination and violence Course Objectives To understand the historical roots and evolution of anti Semitism To analyze the various forms of anti Semitic propaganda stereotypes and To explore the impact of anti Semitism on Jewish communities and their violence responses To examine key events and gures associated with anti Semitism To critically assess the role of religion politics and social factors in the persistence of anti Semitism To discuss contemporary issues related to anti Semitism and efforts to combat it Required Texts The History of Anti Semitism by Leon Poliakov Anti Semitism A History by Albert S Lindemann Modern Hatreds The Symbolic Politics of Ethnic War by Stuart J Kaufman Anti Semitism The Longest Hatred Documentary viewing in class Course Schedule Week 1 Introduction to Anti Semitism De ning anti Semitism Historical context Key concepts and terminology Week 2 Ancient and Medieval Anti Semitism Early religious sources and stereotypes Blood libels and expulsions The impact of the Crusades Week 3 Renaissance and Enlightenment Anti Semitism during the Renaissance The Enlightenment and its implications Case study The Dreyfus Affair Week 4 The Rise of Modern Anti Semitism 19th century nationalism and racial theories The role of literature and the press Pogroms in Eastern Europe Week 5 The Holocaust Nazi anti Semitism and the Final Solution Perpetrators victims and bystanders Holocaust denial and memory Week 6 Anti Semitism in the Post War Era The Nuremberg Trials and their legacy The re establishment of Israel and its impact The Cold War and anti Semitic conspiracy theories Week 7 Contemporary Anti Semitism Anti Semitism in the Arab Israeli con ict Anti Semitism in Europe and North America Online anti Semitism and hate groups Week 8 Anti Semitism in the 21st Century The resurgence of far right movements Combating anti Semitism Laws and activism Students present research projects on a chosen topic related to anti Semitism Contemporary debates and challenges Week 9 Student Presentations Week 10 Final Exam and Course Review Review of key concepts and themes Final examination Assessment Class participation and discussion 15 Mid term exam 20 Research project and presentation 25 Final exam 30 Assignments and quizzes 10

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GCC HIST 144 - History of Anti-Semitism Syllabus

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