Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Course Title Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls Course Description This course offers an in depth exploration of the Dead Sea Scrolls one of the most signi cant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century Students will delve into the historical cultural and religious contexts of the scrolls gaining a comprehensive understanding of their importance The course will cover the discovery contents and interpretations of the scrolls as well as their relevance to various elds including biblical studies history and religious studies Instructor Your Name Course Duration One semester 15 weeks Prerequisites None Course Goals and Learning Outcomes By the end of this course students will Gain a thorough understanding of the history signi cance and content of the Dead Sea Scrolls Develop critical thinking and analytical skills when evaluating scholarly debates and interpretations related to the scrolls Explore the cultural and historical context of the Second Temple period in ancient Israel Examine the in uence of the Dead Sea Scrolls on religious traditions and biblical studies Appreciate the signi cance of archaeological ndings in the study of ancient The Dead Sea Scrolls A New Translation by Michael Wise Martin Abegg Jr and Edward Cook The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls Their Signi cance for Understanding the Bible Judaism Jesus and Christianity by James VanderKam and Peter Flint Additional readings and research articles provided by the instructor texts and history Required Texts Course Schedule Week 1 2 Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls Historical context and signi cance Discovery and excavation Week 3 4 Contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls Types of scrolls and fragments Qumran community and authorship Week 5 6 Literary Genres and Interpretations Biblical texts in the scrolls Non biblical texts and sectarian literature Week 7 8 Second Temple Judaism Beliefs practices and religious diversity Relationship between the Qumran community and mainstream Judaism Week 9 10 In uence on Biblical Studies and Early Christianity The scrolls and the Old Testament Connections with the New Testament Week 11 12 Scholarly Debates and Interpretations Controversies and evolving views Contributions to religious scholarship Week 13 14 Modern Relevance and Cultural Impact In uence on contemporary religious practices Ethical considerations in the study of ancient texts Week 15 Student Presentations and Course Review Student presentations on selected topics Course review and discussion of future research Assessment and Grading Class participation and engagement 10 Weekly assignments and quizzes 30 Midterm examination 20 Final research paper 25 Student presentation 15 Attendance Policy Regular attendance is expected If you miss a class it is your responsibility to catch up on missed content I am available for consultation during my o ce hours Please feel free to schedule an appointment if you have questions or need additional assistance O ce Hours Academic Integrity Plagiarism and cheating are not tolerated All work should be your own and proper citations are required when referencing external sources

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Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls

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