GCC EED 212 - Syllabus Green Building Principles and Practices

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Course Title Green Building Principles and Practices Course Description This course explores the principles techniques and practices of green building and sustainable architecture Students will learn how to design and construct environmentally friendly buildings incorporating energy e ciency sustainable materials and eco friendly construction methods The course covers green building standards renewable energy systems and sustainable design principles Week 1 Introduction to Green Building Overview of green building concepts Historical development of sustainable architecture Importance of sustainable construction Week 2 Sustainable Building Materials Selection of eco friendly materials Low impact materials and their applications Evaluating the life cycle of building materials Week 3 Energy E ciency Principles of energy e cient design Renewable energy sources in buildings Energy e cient HVAC systems and lighting Week 4 Sustainable Site Planning Site selection and orientation Sustainable landscaping and water management Urban planning and green infrastructure Week 5 Building Certi cations and Standards LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Passive House and other green building standards Week 6 Green Building Case Studies Analysis of real world green building projects Successful green building examples Lessons learned from sustainable architecture Week 7 Green Building Design Principles Principles of passive solar design Daylighting strategies Natural ventilation and indoor air quality Week 8 Sustainable Construction Methods Sustainable construction techniques Recycling and waste management on construction sites Green building certi cations for construction Week 9 Water E ciency Sustainable water management in buildings Low ow xtures and rainwater harvesting Wastewater treatment and reuse Week 10 Resilient and Healthy Buildings Building resilience to climate change Strategies for improving indoor air quality Biophilic design and the connection to nature Week 11 Green Building Economics Cost bene t analysis of green building Green nancing and incentives Return on investment in sustainable construction Week 12 Student Presentations Students present their green building design projects Peer review and constructive feedback Week 13 Green Building Regulations and Policies Local and international green building codes Government incentives and policies Regulatory compliance in green construction Week 14 Future Trends in Green Building Innovations in sustainable architecture Net zero and carbon neutral buildings The role of technology in green building Week 15 Final Projects and Course Conclusion Final project presentations Course summary and key takeaways Preparing for a career in green building Assessment Class participation 10 Homework assignments 20 Midterm exam 20 Green building design project 30 Final exam 20 Textbook Kibert Grading Scale A 90 100 B 80 89 C 70 79 D 60 69 F Below 60 Course Policies Attendance is required Sustainable Construction Green Building Design and Delivery by Charles J Late assignments will be penalized Academic integrity is expected from all students

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GCC EED 212 - Syllabus Green Building Principles and Practices

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