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ICl4 KrF ICl3 Week 6 Discussion Questions 1 Draw the Lewis Dot diagram and VSEPR diagram for the following Is the molecule or ion polar or nonpolar What is the electron domain geometry EDG molecular geometry MG hybridization and relevant angles CO32 PS2Cl2 PCl4 BrO2 2 Which geometry of this ion CN2 makes more sense CNN NCN 3 A solid ionic compound with the empirical formula GaSbCl6 has one of the following ionic compositions a Predict the structure of the two anions b If it is learned that the structure of the anion is likely bent which formulation is most likely correct 4 A bent triatomic molecule contains one atom of nitrogen fluorine and oxygen What is its likely connectivity 5 Nomenclature a Name the following Al2O3 NH4 2O SbCl2 GaCl4 or GaCl2 SbCl4 CuNO2 FeC2O4 Zn3 PO4 2 Sn NO2 2 Ca HSO4 2 Na2SO3 b Give formulas for the following copper II nitrate silver carbonate barium permanganate nickel II hydroxide potassium dichromate lithium phosphate chromium II hydroxide mercury II cyanide magnesium bicarbonate aluminum hydrogen sulfate

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UCLA MATH 32A - Week 6 Discussion Questions

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