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BONES Types of bone long short flat and irregular Bone development starts during embryonic Bone formation ossification or osteogenesis Intramembranous bone week 2 of embryonic life how all flat bones develop only has 1 ossification center which is the primary ossification center Endochondral ossification how long bones develop through a hyaline cartilage model starts at 2 months of development features a primary and a secondary ossification center 2 ossification center Composition of bones Extracellular matrix inorganic bone matrix 2 3 of bone ECM consisting of calcium phosphate serves as a reservoir for theses minerals and phosphate calcium phosphate gives bone its hardness or compressive strength the inorganic component is also called hydroxyapatite Organic bone matrix 1 3 of bone ECM consisting mainly of osteoid and major component of the osteoid are collagen fibers the organic matrix gives bone its tensile strength Bone cells Blasts makes something Cyte mature cell maintain extracellular matrix clast removes old or damaged bone matrix Fibro fibers osteo bone chandro cartilage Chondroblasts build hyaline cartilage model Osteoblast maker of bone organic ECM hyaline cartilage model are built by chondroblasts Osteocyte mature bone cell Osteoclast demineralizes bone or resorbs bone During intramembranous ossification the mesenchyme condenses to form the periosteum Structure of a bone look at notebook 3 regions of a long bone epiphysis forms ends of the body spongy bone tissue which at the epiphysis stores and red bone marrow Red bone marrow produces blood Which the process of blood product is called hematopoiesis Houses a secondary ossification center prior to bone maturation conations a growth plate epiphyseal plate once length in bone growth happens an epiphyseal line replaces epiphyseal plate metaphysis connects epiphysis with diaphysis region diaphysis the tub like section bone contains the medullary cavity filled with yellow bone marrow Contains spongy bone tissue on the inside and compact tissue on the outside of the bone Contains the primary ossification center

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