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Electric field generated by a continuous change distribution Consider the continuous charge distribution shown on the left potato that we know We assure the volume density g of the electric charge E dat s Our goal generated given point P is to determine the electric field by the distribution at a 1 Davide the charge distribution into edu a distance r 2 Determine the electric field d elements rafting the potato Each element has change dg the that point P is at da generated by dg at point P assume fro We 1 The magnitude d E of d is given by 3 Sum all de uffe the contributions arts fete a Elechigtifffagan Michael Faraday introduced the concept of electric field lines which help to visualize the electric field vector Thy relation between the electric fieldlines and lo At any point P the electric field are e to the the electric vector field line is tangent 2 The magnehude of the electric field vector is proportional density of the electric field lines to the r 3 Electric field lines extend away fro and charge where theyoriginate positive towards huge five charges where they terminal

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SUNY Geneseo EDUC 488 - Ch 22 Notes

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