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to ed 1502 75 ult A NLC circuit with 12 2 C 2mF is powered by an AC generator with amplitude ad frequency of voltage Vo 3400 f 660 47 Draw the circuit diaper a rat U Vo sin of IC b calculate the impedance of the circuit equation to use Rfk tt Z X UL 2 25 6605 25nA If at 1041 121 R Xc I 2 450511 11041 1211 1 151 I 3 Callalate the maxima current In I that flows in this circuit I 37h 2 2517 4 The phase angle of of Hu carnet the source voltage In sin lot d 5 i tan of fan tail kif E in radians Ift relative to sheet on equ t hn r f o ir i 215A sink f 5 Calculate Up across R the maxima voltage I G 7 8 Un In R 2 2517 1501 338V Calculate the maximal voltage Ve a voss 2 2517 I X Ve Calculate the maxima across c 1041 234 V voltage In Xc Ve Calculate the U stored in Mama 2 2517 1211 2728 maxima the inductor 2 energy 125nA 2 25171 I L Im 0 063J SI electromagnets units Sy bol Nae of the quantity Unit Na e E Q Energy electric charge Joule J Coulab C I I V E electric current Ape ve electric carveldensity 171m Voltage electricpotential Volt A V R Z Xe X resistance i pedece Ohm R e f reactance resistivity conductance conductivity capacitance inductance electric power electric flux flux magnetic electric field s tr T C L P de In R m Siemens S Slm Farad I Henry H Walt w v m Weber US Ym Nlc I B magnetic field Tesla LT Etaple 2 A proton the is pointing into of ears is right and an a electron move toward 5T magnetic field B The velocity the page 2 1057s a Find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force acting on the proton g ox ox g a g g III a O Q Q Ip gExB angle is 900 1 602 10 C 2 1053 5T 1 6 10 N The direction of the force on the proton out by the is pointing up as figured right had rule b Find the cagnitude ed direction of the acting on the magnetic force electron Ip TI bothhave see clay but negative see velocity and see cagnetic field the direction is pointing down since the electron has a negative charge c d Find the radius of the electron s orbit i 2 3 10 7m for the electron circular orbit Find the tire to complete our 123 10 7 I v If T at 2 1231 1 2 1 10 1 s Example 3 60 vast 30cm rotates about A 50 turn rectangular coil width length an at magnetic is coil in a unifore horizontal field The magnetic field ed the resistance of the 1 52 0 25T is 20m axis Ty a what are the minima ad maximum magnetic flutes through the coil dinar B Acosign 0 25T 0 2m 0 3m 0 015T m2 min B B A 102 901 0 b what e f power are ed the the maxima maximal consu ed by the coil induced electrical E N B A u sinful Holuindig Ema N B A U 50 0 25T 0 0642 601 45N Pma Egg 45 1350W e the emf is oat If is the end a t to 0 5s chat Era sin ut E to or E I E t 0 5s 45N sin 160 0 5s 44 SV staple 4 p the Earth had a net charge of If Ic le force between the scull ad the Moon had a charge of what would be the electrostatic are Theirradii to their distance of hoooooku copaved 2 4 12 9 109 N E 14 f 14 400000 000mn 5 g 10 8 N

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