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TheelechicPolentd In this chapter electric potential Calculate N if we electric potential Determine the potential V of a un will define the sy bol V know the correspo dig field o Calculate the electric field if we snow the point charge continuous charge distribution Define the notion of The relationship between an equipotential surface equipotential suntan all the electric field lines you already know that is associated will Electric potential Energy From 107 4h8 the change of potential energy conservative si use the work W that force force must do on external to take it fro position x h a U an aparticle to a a fr p final position Xf Au Up Ui Next Fella dx gt Felt dx i Q F for the electric field where g E ad Fey Fe Consider fro an to a in an electric charge q initial position final position at point B an electric field movi g at point it The force exerted g AU I de on the charge is fie di t g de i The electric potential U The change in potential energy of fr j p jy a charge g moving free A to B is g de AU Up U UE WE We define the electric potential N in sad a manner of q AV that it is YI YI independent Here AV Ug Vis E di involved Thus we all physical proble s only changes In in U are define arbitrarily the value o U reference point We choose as fl referee point Ues infinly O Ne fah the initial can a a Vi I the the generic point P position as with potential Vp Up JE de SI Unit of V JK Voet u Potential due to a point change a point charge g placed at the consider origin 0 Vp I di de Edu cos o R ios o IE du Tha elechi field generated by a point charge g is I t Ft Potential due to a group ofpoint changes 91 i mum o n ftp t EE is point changes go ga g iii can be calculated by this group at any point P using the principle of superposition vents Event Y ut suit units I tut Etat E Et can write in general we g ti v II Potential den to a continuous change i distribution outta aishibution P s Consider a charge distribution potato To ialculate the electric potential u created by the charge distribution at point P we again use thy priciple ofsuperposition 1 We divide the potato into elements of charge dy volume charge distribution dg Endo surface change distribution day I da line charge distribution defilade 2 The potential du created by dg potential 3 Ve sa the contributions p du ut all v So re means you have to fake the integral tha whole charge distribution over Equipotential surfaces d that have the same is called potential an c j PE For any path that starts equipotential surface e on tha sa and ends equipotential surface no work has to bedone or gained Iqipotential surface 11hstart and end on the sa suntan equipotential WE g AV AV O WE O the electric field is perpendicular to the equipotential surface qup example Unifor electric field Itt etuipotential Shula19 Calculating the electric field froe the potential V Ir MH Mountain Now we want to determine if we know two eqipoleh ae that correspond consider surfaces to the valus V ed U du separated by a distance Is The work done by the electric field is given VE guv Fro g Fds ios 0 We E g Is cos guv E nos o this follows Eg Is ios Q Since the including angle 0 is the co panel of Es along thedirections Es Og for direction DV D Gradient

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