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Orlando Nursing Theory Application 1 Patient Assessment To begin I conduct a thorough patient assessment I pay close attention to the patient s verbal and non verbal cues as well as their expressions of distress or discomfort The Orlando Nursing Theory emphasizes the nurse s role in interpreting these cues understanding their significance and recognizing the patient s immediate needs 2 Establishing a Nurse Patient Relationship Building a strong nurse patient relationship is at the core of Orlando s theory I prioritize creating an environment of trust and open communication I introduce myself address the patient by their preferred name and actively listen to their concerns This establishes a foundation for understanding their unique needs and experiences 3 Identifying Patient Needs Orlando s theory emphasizes the importance of identifying the patient s immediate needs This requires constant observation and active questioning For example if a patient appears anxious I might ask What can I do to help you feel more at ease By addressing their specific needs I can tailor my care to their current situation 4 Validation and Confirmation During my interactions with the patient I validate and confirm their feelings and experiences If a patient expresses pain I acknowledge their pain and ask them to describe it further This not only validates their emotions but also helps me better understand their condition 5 Planning and Implementation I work closely with the patient to develop a care plan that aligns with their goals and values Together we discuss the best course of action to address their needs and concerns This collaborative approach empowers the patient and ensures that the care provided is patient centered 6 Continuous Reassessment The Orlando Nursing Theory underscores the importance of constant reassessment I regularly check in with the patient ensuring their needs are being met and making adjustments as necessary I encourage the patient to communicate any changes in their condition which allows for timely intervention 7 Evaluation and Reflection After implementing the care plan I evaluate the outcomes and reflect on the effectiveness of the interventions Orlando s theory encourages nurses to be self aware and reflective continuously improving their practice to better meet the patient s needs Nightingale Theory Application for Patient Care 1 Cleanliness and Sanitation I prioritize a spotless organized patient room with regular disinfection and fresh linens This maintains a safe and hygienic environment 2 Adequate Ventilation I ensure well ventilated rooms promoting comfort and preventing infections for faster healing 3 Optimal Lighting I use natural light during the day and gentle non disruptive lighting at night creating a positive ambiance for healing 4 Noise Control I minimize noise promoting relaxation and supporting the healing process 5 Nutrition and Hydration I attend to dietary needs offering nourishing meals and adequate hydration as proper nutrition is vital for recovery 6 Emotional Support I provide compassionate emotional support actively listening to my patients and being a nurturing presence 7 Personal Hygiene I assist with personal hygiene to ensure comfort and cleanliness in line with Nightingale s focus on personal health 8 Bedside Manner I maintain a respectful and caring bedside manner addressing not only physical but also emotional and psychological well being Neuman Theory Based Nursing Application Assessment To commence I initiate a comprehensive evaluation of Betty s physical and emotional condition This involves taking measurements of her vital signs reviewing her medical history and engaging in dialogue to gain insight into her worries anxieties and potential stressors Identification of Stressors Adhering to Neuman s theory I pinpoint potential stressors in Betty s life In Betty s case the impending surgical procedure concerns regarding post operative pain and fears of complications are notable stressors Planning and Intervention Primary Prevention I educate Betty about the surgery elucidating the procedure potential complications and expected outcomes This information equips her with knowledge and alleviates anxiety Secondary Prevention In terms of her physical well being I continuously monitor her vital signs and administer prescribed medications to maintain her physiological stability Tertiary Prevention I prepare Betty for post operative care by delineating the recovery process including pain management mobility and potential complications Evaluation I persistently assess Betty s responses to these interventions I keenly observe alterations in her vital signs demeanor and levels of anxiety and if necessary I adapt the care plan to address her evolving needs Reassessment and Feedback I uphold open lines of communication with Betty encouraging her to express concerns queries or any changes in her condition Additionally I collaborate with the healthcare team to ensure a cohesive approach to care Wellness Promotion Employing Neuman s model I strive to enhance Betty s overall well being I motivate her to engage in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and meditation as a means of reducing anxiety Involvement of Support System I acknowledge the significance of involving Betty s family and friends within her social support system I actively encourage their presence and provision of emotional support Documentation Comprehensive and precise documentation is indispensable for tracking Betty s progress and maintaining the continuity of care This documentation encompasses her vital signs responses to interventions as well as any concerns or inquiries she may raise

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MVC NEA 100 - Orlando Nursing Theory Application

Course: Nea 100-
Pages: 5
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