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Watch this video on teens and social media https www youtube com watch v fBWQTb5WLg4 Based on the theories of adolescent development we learned in this lecture why do you think social media might be good or bad for teens Social Media can honestly be good and bad for teens The positive effects that social media has on teens is much less than the negatives For example social media allows teens to connect with people online and communicate with people or friends in their lives at any time The negatives are more seen with social media use in teens for example in class we talked about body image Social media has a big effect on body image in adolescents because when you re at a young age and you re seeing females who men find very attractive because they have a big butt or they re skinny and have a slim waist and they have things that you don t have you tend to compare yourself and look down upon your body image Teens are also negatively affected by social media by the fact that they spend most of their time using it so they spend less time with family and friends in person In class we discussed adolescent disengagement and this happens more often now than it did before because even when you re with your family and friends you tend to look at your phone more than paying attention to who s around you and spending time with them

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UB PSY 101LEC - Developmental 2

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