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Based on what we learned about the Triarchic Theory today think of three characters from movies books comic books TV shows etc who you think are high on each of the three different kinds of intelligence Explain why Practical Intelligence The show Power has a character named Tommy Egan and he s very high with practical intelligence and I say this because he s very meticulous with how he does things and he doesn t do anything without thinking about it and making sure that he s not going to get into any trouble based off of his actions and no matter where he goes he s able to adapt to his surroundings Creative Intelligence In the show Umbrella Academy the character Five is able to lead the group and think about things thoroughly and he s able to really think about what the meaning of things are instead of looking at it from a small perspective he looks at the bigger picture He s able to connect information and details from situations in the past and situations they re currently going through to understand why things occur the way they do or what the major issue or point is Analytical Intelligence In the show Manifest the character Michaela is able to problem solve and really understand situations whether they are going through it again in the show or a first time it s occurring She almost always makes logical and reasonable decisions to ensure that things happen the right way without any mishaps or setbacks

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UB PSY 101LEC - Intelligence

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