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LAI 301 A 16697 Composing in the Human Sciences Fall 2023 Monday August 28 2023 Monday December 11 2023 Instructor Name Dr Christopher Jarmark Modality Remote Asynchronous Online Number of Credits 3 Email Address cjjarmar buffalo edu Office Hours Virtual by appointment Course Description Designed to engage learners in broad definitions of composing this CL2 course will explore the various composition processes genres and modalities that underlie skilled human communication practices in the human sciences and consider larger issues of what it means to be communicatively literate in the digital global world This class will pragmatically apply theory based communicative approaches to course readings discussions and activities Department of Learning and Instruction 1 Course Objectives Through this course you will human sciences Compose in academic professional and or workplace genres related to a field of study or interdisciplinary study Apply writing processes common to that field Compose and perform a professional presentation Understand and apply visual and digital composing methods as appropriate to the field Understand the conventions of genres within a field Make effective disciplinary and professional arguments Understand rhetorical practices with a field or profession Employ advanced research techniques to locate evaluate synthesize and manage information text visuals media effectively and ethically as appropriate to disciplinary and or professional practices Format UB Brightspace Google Docs Weekly Readings Class Projects Video Clips Mode of Instruction Course Technologies UB Brightspace https ublearns buffalo edu UB Brightspace is the learning management system LMS that we will be using this semester UB Brightspace is a new LMS at UB Take the time to familiarize yourself with this platform and our class page Upload a picture of yourself on your UB Brightspace profile Explore the modules Make sure that you feel comfortable navigating this platform If you run into issues you can find useful information here https www buffalo edu lms guides students html https myub buffalo edu UB Portal info including HUB Student Center for enrollment and grades You must have your UBIT Name and Password to access the course If you do not have your UBIT Name and Password contact the CIT Helpdesk Email cit helpdesk buffalo edu or 716 645 3542 immediately MyUB UBIT Department of Learning and Instruction 2 Computer Requirements Reliable access to the Internet on a computer capable of accessing UB Brightspace is required For UB Student Computer Standards visit http www buffalo edu ubit service guides hardware getting started with hardware purchasing or using an existing computer html Getting Help UB Brightspace Help https www buffalo edu lms guides students html Technical Support http www buffalo edu ubit get help html UBIT Alerts http www buffalo edu ubit news alerts html CIT Help Desk 716 645 3542 voice or email cit helpdesk buffalo edu Required Knowledge and Skills As a student enrolled in this course you are expected to have the prerequisite technology skills defined at http gse buffalo edu gseit prereq It is further expected that if needed the early requisite skills described at http gse buffalo edu gseit earlyreq will be developed individually These skills are required for completion of course assignments and are not covered in this course It is your responsibility to gain proficiency to successfully complete the course objectives and assignments Required Text and Materials All of the readings and videos will be on UB Brightspace UB e portfolio UB Portfolio If you are completing this course as part of your UB Curriculum requirements please select an artifact from this course that is representative of your learning and upload it to your UB Portfolio account Templates have been created for this purpose Artifacts include homework assignments exams research papers projects lab reports presentations and other course materials Your final UB Curriculum requirement UBC 399 UB Curriculum Capstone will require you to submit these artifacts as you process and reflect on your achievement and growth through the UB Curriculum For more information see the UB Curriculum Capstone website https www buffalo edu ubcurriculum capstone html Department of Learning and Instruction 3 APA Citations APA 7th Edition Citation Format will be used for the course Resources on using APA Style can be found at https research lib buffalo edu APAGuidelines http www apastyle org The APA Manual itself is recommended American Psychological Association 2020 Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 7th ed APA Assignments and Grading Evaluations will be based on your weekly responses to class readings this is your class participation class assignments professional workshops and your final project Other evidence of engagement in the work of the class and growth in thinking and learning may be included In order to get an average grade for the course you must have done all the work and participated in discussions and activities Above average grades are given for the quality of your work and the effort you have put into the assignments and the class You may ask at any time for a conference where we will discuss your work and where you stand Participation and Informal Writing Discussion board postings and class activities 15 Grading Self Introduction This I Believe Essay Position Paper Analysis Paper Presentation Research Report Interactive Infographic Digital Showcase Final Reflection Podcast 5 10 15 20 25 10 Department of Learning and Instruction 4 A A B B B C C C D D F Grade Quality Points Percentage Points 4 000 3 671 93 100 94 100 Incomplete Grade Quality Points Percentage Points 90 93 87 89 83 86 80 82 77 79 73 76 70 72 67 69 60 66 3 670 3 331 3 330 3 001 3 000 2 671 2 670 2 331 2 330 2 001 2 000 1 671 1 670 1 331 1 330 1 001 1 000 0 001 90 92 87 89 83 86 80 82 78 79 73 77 70 72 67 69 60 66 I A I B I B I B I C I C I C I D I D I F 3 670 3 331 90 92 3 330 3 001 87 89 3 000 2 671 83 86 2 670 2 331 80 82 2 330 2 001 78 79 2 000 1 671 1 670 1 331 73 77 70 72 1 330 1 001 67 69 1 000 0 001 60 66 90 93 87 89 83 86 80 82 77 79 73 76 70 72 67 69 60 66 0 000 0 000 Less than 60 Less than 60 0 000 0 000 Less than 60 Less than 60 General Expectations for Producing Written Assignments Producing and Sharing Assignments All written assignments should be written and shared in Google Docs Pay careful attention to the sharing

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