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1 Describe your baby s eating sleeping and motor development compared to the typical developmental patterns in each of these three domains in the first 9 months My baby was very slow to warm up in the sense that it took her a while to learn how to eat She had many problems while feeding and after and had trouble digesting However she enjoyed eating which is typical for babies of that age She luckily slept through most of the day and slept for up to 10 hours a day and took short naps throughout the day Lastly although she had not mastered walking by 9 months she could sit by herself she could crawl and even stand She seems to be in very good health and is becoming interested in eating some solid foods which is a good milestone for physical development As for intellectual development she passed the object permanence test so she is slowly starting to develop a better sense of development of intelligence As for Social and Emotional development she does a good job of pointing to things that she wants and is becoming overall better at communication 2 At 8 months of age was your child an easy slow to warm up or difficult baby in terms of Thomas and Chess s classic temperamental categories On what do you base this judgment Although it took her a while to learn to feed she was not slow to warm up but instead was an easy baby She did have a few times where she would become upset and would become very fussy but overall she is a very smiley toddler who loves laughing with others and enjoys meeting people The majority of the time she is an easy baby According to ParentingForBrain Easy temperament is characterized by regular bodily functions a positive approach to new situations adaptability a positive mood and a non intense reaction to stimuli Raising these children is relatively easy because they respond favorably to various child raising practices They readily adapt to different parental handling My baby has done a spectacular job at reaching these milestones and falls into the category of an easy temperamental child 3 How is your child s attachment relationship to you or your partner whoever is the mother developing What is happening at the 3 month or 8 month period that might affect attachment security according to Bowlby and Ainsworth and various research studies My child was very attached to me her mother However she also enjoyed spending time with her father and enjoyed playing with him She has developed a secure attachment to both of us but to me at a much higher level Within the 3 month to 8 month period my baby developed a preference for me when I fed her changed her diapers and held her She tends to smile when I do and is in distress when I leave her which is connected to the Bowlby Theory According to the Ainsowrth attachment theory she is showing signs of a secure attachment through a connection with me 4 Describe and give an example of a change or an improvement in or a qualitatively new behavior in your child s exploratory or problem solving behavior from 8 through 18 months and categorize it according to Piagetian theory According to Piaget s theory a child that is 8 to 18 months old is still in the sensorimotor stage This is the age in which they tend to experiment the most just trying to learn and explore their curiosity One of the biggest behaviors I noticed when my child was around 8 months of age was she was beginning to understand object permanence which is something that she did not quite understand beforehand just yet This is the first sign that she is starting to develop her memory 5 Explain how the concept of goodness of fit applies to your interactions with your child Include a definition of goodness of fit and give a supporting example of goodness of fit applied to your interactions with your child According to the Center For Parenting Education the definition of Goodness of Fit is The compatibility of a person s temperament with his surrounding environment is referred to as goodness of fit This basically means that the environment that the child children are surrounded with should be a good fit between a caregiver and a child I was a very gentle and loving parent so my child chose to be more secure with me and felt very comfortable being around me For example if my child did something they know was wrong instead of getting upset I would look at it as a learning experience I believe I demonstrated Goodness of Fit regarding my child 6 How is your child progressing on typical toddler issues such as learning household rules learning to follow routines listening to you developing self control and learning to get along with other children She was still learning how to get along with other children and a problem we had was her not wanting to share her toys and would say Mine Whenever one of the children wanted to use it However she eventually started learning how to share She is learning to use the potty and is starting to learn how to do things such as putting on her shoes She is doing a very good job with routines and has not given me any problems regarding not listening or having self control but she struggles being around others when I was not there She struggled with her daycare teacher however for a while after she first started and would only calm down when I was around SOURCES Pamela Li MS Child Temperament amp Examples Easy Baby vs Difficult Baby Parenting For Brain 29 June 2022 https www parentingforbrain com easy baby what is temperament Understanding Goodness of Fit The Center for Parenting Education https centerforparentingeducation org library of articles child development understanding good ness of fit

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