What Is Artificial Intelligence

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What Is Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications Artificial intelligence AI is a technology that enables machines to work and behave like humans It has found its way into various fields including healthcare robotics marketing and business analytics AI covers a vast domain of fields including natural language processing object detection computer vision and many more Types of AI There are three types of AI artificial narrow intelligence ANI artificial general intelligence AGI and artificial superintelligence ASI ANI is the most common type of AI and is based on applying AI to specific tasks AGI involves machines that possess the ability to perform intellectual tasks that a human being can do ASI is a hypothetical situation where the capabilities of computers surpass human beings AI Applications in Real Life AI has been applied in various fields including finance healthcare and social media For instance JP Morgan s Contract Intelligent Platform uses AI machine learning and image recognition software to analyze legal documents and extract important data points and clauses in a matter of seconds In healthcare IBM has developed AI software for medicine More than 230 healthcare organizations worldwide use IBM Watson technology Google s AI Eye Doctor is an initiative to develop an AI system that can examine retina scans and identify a condition called diabetic retinopathy which causes blindness Social media platforms like Facebook use AI for face verification and Twitter uses AI to identify hate speech and terroristic languages in tweets Google s predictive search is also a famous AI application Self driving cars are another famous application of AI AI implements computer vision image detection and deep learning to build cars that can automatically detect objects and drive around without human intervention Elon Musk talks about how AI is implemented in Tesla s self driving cars and autopilot features Conclusion AI has seen exponential growth in its potential since its emergence in the 1950s As AI is branching out into every aspect of our lives it is possible that it might take over our lives one day It is estimated that AI will take over the world within the next thirty years

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What Is Artificial Intelligence

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