Python tutorial

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This Python tutorial is designed for beginners and covers various aspects of Python programming It s presented by Mosh Hamadani a well known instructor in the field Introduction to Python Python is a versatile programming language suitable for tasks like automation web development and data science Python can be used for automating repetitive tasks and creating efficient solutions A code editor like PyCharm is recommended for writing Python code Python is also great for web development and you can build websites using it Running Python Code To run Python code in PyCharm you can use the run menu or a shortcut Python is case sensitive so it s crucial to use the correct case when coding You can declare variables and assign values including integers floats and booleans Declaring and Using Variables in Python An exercise is given to declare variables for a hospital program that checks in a new patient Receiving User Input in Python Python s built in input function is used to read user input You can prompt the user for input by providing a string argument to the function Data Types in Python Python has three main data types numbers integers and floats strings textual data and booleans True and False values Converting Data Types in Python Python provides functions like int and float for converting data types An example is shown where a birth year string is converted to an integer for calculations This tutorial is suitable for someone looking to start learning Python from scratch and covers the fundamentals of the language

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Python tutorial

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