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F Sc Physics 1st Year Multiple Choice Questions Chapter 1 Measurements Chapter 2 Vector and Equilibrium Chapter 3 Motion and Force Chapter 4 Work and Energy Chapter 5 Circular Motion Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics Chapter 7 Oscillations Chapter 8 Waves Chapter 9 Physical Optics Chapter 10 Optical Instruments Chapter 11 Thermodynamics Physics MCQ s 1st Year 1 The branch of physics which deals with the ultimate CHAPTER 1 MEASUREMENTS 11 An alternate unit to is particles of which the matter is composed is a Plasma physics b Atomic physics c Nuclear physics d Particle physics 2 The branch of physics which deals with atomic nuclei is called a Acoustics b Thermodynamics c Magnetism d Nuclear physics 3 Silicon is abundantly obtained from 4 The number of base units are 5 Which of the following is a derived quantity 6 Which of the following is SI base unit a Water b Metal c Sand d Stones a Three b Five c Seven d Nine a Force b Mass c Length d Time a gram b slug c Newton d kilogram a Angstrom b Micron c Radian d Light year 8 Which is not a base unit in SI units 9 An example of derived unit is a Kilogram b Joule c Ampere d Kelvin a Candela b Ampere c Coulomb d Mole 10 Candela is the SI unit of a Charge b Luminous intensity c Power d Refractive index 12 The SI units of pressure in terms of base units are a Js b Ns c Nm d N a b c d a Steradian b Radian c Degree d Candela 13 The SI unit of plane angle is 14 Steradian is the angel which lies in a One dimension b Two dimensions c Three dimensions d None 15 The SI unit of the solid angle is a Degree b Steradian c Revolution d Radian 16 The solid angle subtended at the center of sphere by an area of its surface equal to the square of radius of the sphere is called a Degree b Radian c Minute d Steradian a b c d a Candela b Ampere c Kelvin d Newton 18 Which is a derived unit 19 The unit of force is and its symbol is 20 Which one is the correct representation of the unit of which is the correct pair a Newton n b Newton N c newton n d newton N pressure a Newton Meter2 b newton meter2 c Newton meter2 d Newton Meter2 7 Which one of the following is not a unit of length 17 SI unit of pressure is Written and composed by Prof Muhammad Ali Malik Govt Degree College Naushera Khushab 03016775811 1 Physics MCQ s 1st Year 21 Which of the following is least multiple 31 A student added three figures 72 1 3 32 and 0 003 The correct answer regarding the rules of the addition of the significant figures will be 22 Which one is the highest power multiple 23 The prefix pico is equal to a Pico b Femto c Nano d Atto a giga b mega c kilo d deca a 10 b 10 c 10 d 10 24 The SI unit of intensity of light is 25 0 0023 can be expressed in scientific notation as 26 1024 can be written in scientific notation as 27 Error occurs due to negligence and inexperience of a a Mole b Kelvin c Candela d Ampere a 23 10 b 0 23 10 c 2 3 10 d None a 1 024x 103 b 210 c 0 000976 d 1 0300097 person is a Systematic Error b Random Error c Personal Error d None 32 If the reading is taken with measuring scale whose minimum division is 1mm then the correct reading is a 75 423 b 75 42 c 75 4 d 75 a 0 2145 m b 0 21 m c 0 214 m 33 75 560 is round off as a 75 6 b 75 7 c 76 00 d None d None 34 Zero to the right of non zero digits are a Significant b Not significant c May or may not be significant d None measurement recorded as 8 70 10 35 What is the number of significant figures in the 36 Zero is not significant only if it a Lies to the left of a significant digit b is between two digits c d is before the decimal point is to the right of a significant digit 37 Significant figures in 0 000846 are a 1 b 3 c 4 d 7 a Six b Four c Seven d Three a 8 1 b 8 13 c 8 1273 d 8 127 a 73 6 b 73 7 c 74 00 d 73 65 28 Error in measurement may occur due to a Inexperience of a person b The faulty apparatus c Inappropriate method d Due to all reasons in a b and c 29 In any measurement the significant figures are a All accurately known and all doubtful digits b Only accurately known digits c Only doubtful digits d All accurately know digits and the first doubtful digit 30 Number of significant figures in 0 0173 are a Three b Four c Five d Two 38 The sum of the three numbers 2 7543 4 10 and 1 273 up to correct decimal places is 39 73 650 rounded off up to one decimal is 40 Absolute uncertainties are added in following operations a Multiplication b Division c Subtraction d None Written and composed by Prof Muhammad Ali Malik Govt Degree College Naushera Khushab 03016775811 2 Physics MCQ s 1st Year 41 An accurate measurement is one which has less a Precision b Absolute uncertainty c Fractional uncertainity d None 42 If 10 5 0 1 and 26 8 0 1 then is given as a 16 3 0 1 b 16 3 0 2 c 16 1 0 d 16 3 0 43 Smaller is the least count of the instrument more is the measurement a Accurate b Precise c Accurate and precise d None of these 44 Which is a correct record for the diameter of wire when measured my a screw gauge of least count 0 001 cm a 2 3 cm b 2 31 cm c 2 312 cm d 2 3124 cm 45 Which one of the following is not regarded as a fundamental quantity in Physics a Length b Mass c Time d Weight 46 The dimensions of torque are 47 Dimensions for acceleration due to gravity is a b c d a b c d 48 As 6 the dimension of coefficient of viscosity is a b c d 49 refers to quantity a Velocity b Time period c Frequency d Force 50 The dimension of the following pair is not the same a work energy b work and torque c Momentum impulse d Mass moment of inertia 51 Unit of G is a Nm2 kg2 b N m2 kg c N m2 kg 2 d None 52 The dimension of force is 53 ML 1T 2 is the dimension of 54 A light year …

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