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LEARN CSS TODAY CSS Introduction and Tutorial for Beginners Dave Gray This tutorial series is for beginners who are starting their journey to learn web development The only prerequisite is to learn CSS first because it is applied to HTML I will mention references and tools and provide links to them in the description below The first thing we need to do is create an index html file because we will apply our CSS to an HTML document There are three different ways to apply CSS to our document We can use an external style sheet or apply CSS inline with an element Live Server is a development environment that simulates a web server It helps you to view your changes without refreshing every time you save Install Live Server and click on the explore icon to look at your files In Visual Studio Code you can click Go Live at the bottom right corner The external style sheet keeps your CSS code completely separate from your HTML This is the best way to apply CSS Inline CSS this is really not the way to do it though You really want to avoid inline styling if you can The last color that it saw for our paragraph was lime green The internal style sheet does take precedence over the external CSS validation service from W3C that s the World Wide Web Consortium can help you validate We want to choose file by upload where we can select the CSS file from your CSS our folder 1 2 3 we re going to learn all about the anatomy of a CSS rule set so let s break this down Selector tells the browser which element s to apply the styles to Property the type of style we want to apply Value the specific value for the chosen property Remember to keep striving for progress over perfection and a little progress every day will go a very long way Please give this video a like if it s helped you and thank you for watching and subscribing You re helping my channel grow Have a great day and let s write more code together very soon T h a n k T h a n k T h a n k y o u y o u y o u continue in next part

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