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Shanghai American School 2020 20201 School Year 2 Class IB Mandarin Ab initio Year 2 Teachers Ms Jian Classrooms H107 E mail Haiyang jian saschina org Course Description This is a two year course for students to achieve communicative competence in a variety of everyday situations The objective of the course is clear and effective communication through the understanding and usage of a range of essential spoken and writ ten forms of the language The main focus of the course is on the acquisition of language for purposes and situations in everyday social interaction While speaking and listening skills are emphasized reading and writing skills are required as well Aspects of the everyday life and culture of the Chinese speaking communities will be explored The students are required to sit the both internal and external exam at the end of year 2 During the 2020 2021 school year we will offer the IB Ab initio Year 2 course and focus on these topics Social Organization Human Ingenuity and Sharing the Planet l Receptive Students understand both aurally and in writing simple sentences and some more complex sentences relating to the five prescribed themes and related topics They understand simple authentic and adapted written and audio texts and related questions in the target language l Productive Students express information fairly accurately in both writing and in speech using a range of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures They communicate orally and respond appropriately to most questions on the five prescribed themes and related topics l Interactive Students understand and respond clearly to some information and ideas within the range of the five prescribed themes and related topics They engage in simple conversations They use strategies to negotiate meaning and foster communication Classroom Rules and Expectations 1 Respect and work with ALL class members 2 Listen to each other create an open caring and cooperative atmosphere 3 Come prepared for classes and bring required materials 4 Keep up with class work and use good time management 5 Contribute to class success 6 Take responsibility for textbook handouts and other class materials 7 No gum food or drinks in class 8 No electronic devices on without teacher permission Homework Policy Homework will be assigned every class day written and or oral practice All necessary work should be done neatly on A4 size lined paper If I can t read your work you will be asked to do it again Students who miss the deadlines will not be awarded marks above a B 87 1 Academic Integrity Any allegation of academic dishonesty will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken according to the guidelines in the SAS Student Handbook Behavior will be noted on the Learner Profile Students will be assigned a retake or alternative assessment in order to show learning All major written assignments will be submitted to turnitin com Plagiarism may consist of the following Exact copying of any text without the use of quotation marks Using an author s passages with occasional omissions or changes in wording without proper acknowledgment Rearranging the words or sentences of one or more authors Using an author s argument or points from an argument and representing them as one s own If ever in doubt acknowledge your source Parents and tutors may be consulted as resources but they are not to complete assignments for students It is appropriate for parents and tutors to help students by asking questions to clarify a student s thoughts or by discussing concepts and ideas related to an assignment Assistance beyond this level is prohibited Assessment Policy and Practice The full assessment policy is located in the student handbook which can be found on schoology and powerschool Please make sure you are familiar with this policy Noted below are key points in the Assessment Policy Reassessment Policy Additional attempts on summative assessments are at the discretion of the individual teachers but must be based on the following criteria Puxi High School s proficiency level is considered a B and any reassessment will not be awarded marks above a B 87 Students desiring a reassessment opportunity must approach learning with fidelity In order to ensure that reassessment occurs within a reasonable time during or following the period of learning reassessment should occur within two weeks from return of the original assessment During a semester underclassmen may have two retake opportunities per course and upperclassmen one retake opportunity per course If a student is absent for an assessment the student must take that assessment at the first available opportunity for example the first day when they return from illness If the absence is unexplained the student will face discipline action for academic integrity and must still take the assessment at the first available opportunity If a student fails to submit an assessment on the due date a mark will be awarded according to the evidence collected during the learning period If a student has an assessment due i e essay project lab etc and that assessment is not submitted on the due date the teacher should award a mark by In Class Exam Based Assessments Non Exam Based Assessments 2 applying the final assessment criteria rubric etc using the evidence collected to date during the learning period If the student chooses to later submit the assignment it will be considered a reassessment and the reassessment policy will be applied If a student has an unexcused absence on the day work is due the teacher follows the same procedure as noted above In the event that the student does not submit a final version or does not submit additional evidence the mark that was awarded based on the evidence of learning available to the teacher on the due date becomes the student s permanent mark for that assessment 15 25 30 30 Grading Grades for each term will be tabulated on a 100 scale with the following breakdown ETK Oral Reading Writing Grades for one semester will be calculated as follows Semester 1 Term 1 and Term 2 85 Final exam 15 The Learner Profile The Learner Profile is that section of the quarterly report card that addresses behavioral rather than academic concerns To earn a 4 out of 4 in the three sections of the profile a student must demonstrate Active Learning by consistently coming to class having completed the assigned reading or other Semester 2 Term 3 and Term 4 85 Final exam 15 work and being

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