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My initial reaction when watching this video was How does this happen I truly have never understood how there can be many individuals with more money than they know what to do with and so many more that don t have anything The cycle of living paycheck to paycheck is brutal It was heart wrenching to hear her explain how she had to prioritize food or a roof over her head The woman in the video made the comment about having to her child a new coat but for that to happen she would have to sacrifice money from another aspect of her life The only thought I had was What if there was an unexpected hospital bill I can t imagine the grief that would put on the financial aspects of her family s life I am in no way rich but there are so many luxuries in my day to day life that I ve realized after watching this video that I take for granted It was eye opening when she said everything is large I had never thought of being poor in this light before Nothing is small because you can t afford the small things The idea of not having money for rent or food isn t a small thing It s life changing The thoughts of waking up one day and everything being gone is a dark thought that looms over her head every day I think this video is missing the perspectives from the other family members It would be interesting to hear how the children view their lifestyle and if they recognize the sacrifices their mother makes to keep them fed and housed This video relates to this week s topics because as stated in the reading the cost of medical care has gone up immensely For individuals like the woman in the video healthcare is not easily obtained If they can t afford insurance what happens when someone breaks an arm The rest of the family can t eat that month They fall behind on rent because one of the children needed x rays and a cast People with lower income have a higher death rate This is not to say that all lower income individuals are unhealthy they are just very stressed and cannot afford to sustain healthy habits

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IUPUI PSY B-320 - Essay

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