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Final Paper Proposal Due on Tuesday October 15 11 55pm on Moodle th at What is the final paper For the research component of this course you must write a paper on a problem or challenge of your choice based on what you have learned and read about throughout the course You will write about how this problem connects to at least TWO but no more than THREE different topics and themes we have covered in the modules Refer to each module name and topic of the week for determining the relevant topics Developing a Proposal 2 of final grade A research proposal is formal outline of a topic you wish to research in greater depth This research topic must intellectually stimulate you and serve the greater objective for widening your knowledge spectrum A proposal helps you put your preferences in perspective and provides you with a plan of action for your research project This assignment will help you get started on your final project It will also give the instructor a chance to make sure you are on the right track and ready to succeed What if I am confused about how to choose a topic If you are confused about your topic you should consider the following points while making the choice between two topics 1 Which module and topic do I like the most 2 Is this topic relevant for my chosen problem 3 Referring to the wiki pages and class discussions think if this same topic was linked to other modules or topics such as how poverty relates to health 4 Do you have enough information to complete a 2500 word paper on the topic 5 Please note that your choice of issues and topics should be based on both the availability of data and your understanding of the country s issues rather than only availability of information Can a research topic change after I submit my proposal Once you have submitted the proposal you will meet with me and I will respond with notes on your topic s viability and scope Based on our discussion we will further polish your research topic and make it manageable In this process the topic is bound to change a little that is normal Your topic cannot change less than two weeks before final paper submission What should be in the proposal Once you have chosen a problem and the relevant modules themes your final proposal must have the following components A clear topic or research question in the title i Reason for interest in the topic explain why you re interested in this ii particular topic iii Global relevance of the topic describe how the problem you chose to analyze has global dimensions and relevance iv List the modules and or themes you will attempt to make connections with the problem Explain why you are interested in these connections i e how does diamond mining in Sierra Leone relate to both human rights and global governance be focusing on and explain your choice List 5 8 sources you will use to analyze the problem and summarize how these sources can help you with this project v Describe the location region community city country that you will vi Once you have considered all the steps above you will have the necessary information to decide the problem you finally want to study and can study with the given data Write a one page to two page proposal on why studying this topic is important to you why is it relevant for others to know about it and why did you choose to write about it Please note that your choice of issues and topics should be based on both the availability of data and your understanding of the country s issues rather than only availability of information General outline for the proposal Part 1 Introduction and background sentences 1 Briefly identify a global problem affecting a country of your choice to analyze 3 4 Previous students have chosen drug trafficking in Mexico smog in China etc a b You do not have to use your assigned country as the country you use for the paper but it ll make your life a fair amount easier if you do According to the UN the world is dealing with highest level of displacement on record Reasons are climate change and arm conflict Millions of people are fleeing their countries because of persecution and discrimination The 2019 Global Humanitarian Overview estimates that refugee crisis will be the biggest human rights issue in the future Syria faces the world s largest refugee and displacement crisis About 6 8 million Syrians are refugees and asylum seeks and another 6 7 million people are displaced within Syria Which means 13 5 million Syrians in total are forcibly displaced more than half of the country s population Millions of people in Syria need humanitarian assistance and half of these people are children 2 Describe what makes this problem global This is a chance to point out the role of global commodity chains global narratives etc s role in your problems It happens lots of places is an okay start but usually insufficient we re interested in seeing global connections 3 4 sentences Refugee crisis is global issue because these people are leaving their countries because of ethnic social political religious problems to find different opportunities Countries with most refuges are not capable of taking care of this issue They need outside forces to assist this crisis Most refugees don t have accessible healthcare centers and hospitals schools basic utilities and sanitation system Lots of children are separated from their family They are underdeveloped and vulnerable They can get sick easily and die from starvation For example Syrian refugee children faces child labor forced marriage abuse and lack of education which go against basic human rights Part 2 Connections to course modules 1 What modules from GLBL 100 does this problem fall under Why 2 3 sentences each a i e smog in Beijing could plausibly fall under Global Health Environment Sustainability Social Responsibility Wealth Poverty etc b choose 2 modules to which your problem connects i feel free to look ahead to modules we have not covered yet review the framing question for the module weeks and think about how it relates to your topic Governance Conflict and Resolution This is an issue all political leaders need to participate to resolve All of government need to prioritize protecting human rights of refugees InvertCountries are obligated to protect the human rights Human Rights Refugees are subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention Their freedom of movement is restricted Also they are living in very poor condition where it can Part 3 Sources 1 Identify 5 8 sources you plan to use in

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