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Hannah Choi CHLH 101 Health Disparities in the United States Depend on where you can live can be good prediction of your health because place determines what someone is exposed to in terms of a whole host of factors Place determines what physical and chemical agent someone is exposed to and what social environment is exposed to Quality of housing and neighborhood can have dramatic impact on health Place where you live also determines the accessibility to health services Poor neighborhood has low investment in the simple lack of hospitals and rural areas Barriers to equal opportunity including discrimination and disparities in access to health care stand I the way of equitable health Public and private relationships are needed to pull in sate and federal resources to correct inequalities in the health system Your Zip Code is More Important Than Your Genetic Code Health issues can be studied through social pattern such as geographic areas of neighbors The rates of obesity are overlapped in neighborhood where lots of minorities are living Choice of individuals can be limited depends on which environment they live in For examples lots of teenage girls had their gallbladder removed because they have been eating fast food daily There are no green food and groceries accessible in poor neighborhoods People tend to turn into short term solution such as buying fast food for few bucks Fast food contains high condense calories with few nutrients This can be substitution for a meal occasionally however if it becomes a regular habit it impacts your health tremendously Families that are living poverty and dangerous neighborhood are consistently experiencing great stress and anxiety This can cause major impact to their health Get under our skin can affect our physical psychological and emotional well being by altering how our body function we encounter perceived interpret and incorporate and endless array of social and physical environmental experiences and exposure that shape our physiologic functioning on a day to day basis whether such incorporation be biologically and or chemically direct or psychosocially mediated Understanding Embodiment in Place Health Research Approaches Limitations and Opportunities People of minorities had bad start from the beginning White people had privilege of having choice of moving to better place However people who were stuck with poverty had to stay mostly minorities As people leave the neighborhood the community became weaker No banks were interested to make an investment and shops were closing This only made their problem worse The goal of these community should be working together to make better place for everyone s public health They need to teach kids from young age how to work together Building more accessible health service and public parks can improve public health dramatically

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UIUC CHLH 101 - Health Disparities in the United States

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