9 Proven Tips to Get Stronger Faster

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9 Proven Tips to Get Stronger Faster What if you could get stronger lift heavier and gain muscle faster just by making a few simple tweaks to your weekly routine In this article we will go over nine proven things you can do to get stronger faster Alternate weight loads Varying the weight loads you use between certain time periods and training sessions can help you get stronger faster While heavy weights and lower rep ranges are generally considered the best for strength training in a variety of rep ranges has been shown to be more effective for gaining strength and muscle For example you can perform a low rep range of 3 5 for three weeks then a moderate rep range of 6 10 for three weeks and finally a high rep range of 12 15 for three weeks Repeat this cycle aiming to lift a heavier weight each time you perform each specific rep range This approach known as periodization can lead to rapid strength gains Mix bilateral and unilateral exercises Incorporating both dumbbell work and barbell work into your upper body workouts can provide different strength benefits While the barbell allows you to lift a greater overall weight load dumbbells force each side to work individually and recruit a greater number of stabilizer muscle fibers Mixing bilateral and unilateral exercises can lead to significant strength gains Focus on overall mass Your overall mass specifically your fat free mass has a direct correlation to your strength Gaining weight preferably in the form of muscle can help you get stronger Research shows a tight relationship between strength and body mass particularly in powerlifters To gain strength make sure to also focus on gaining muscle and body weight by being in a calorie surplus doing enough training volume consuming enough protein and getting enough rest and recovery Eat more Increasing your calorie intake can drastically increase your strength Your performance at the gym is highly related to your diet as calories provide the energy you need for heavy lifting and physical activity Aim for a small calorie surplus of around 200 300 calories above your maintenance level If you are trying to gain weight and not seeing progress on the scale increase your calories by 150 200 calories per day and reevaluate over the next few weeks External cueing Focusing on external cues during your workouts can boost your strength External cues such as pushing the barbell explosively or throwing it through the ceiling have been shown to increase force output and muscle activation Incorporate external cues into your strength movements to optimize your performance Use resistance bands and chains Using resistance bands and chains during exercises like bench presses can help you get stronger and break through plateaus Studies have shown that incorporating resistance bands into bench presses leads to more strength gains compared to using regular weights alone Load up the bar with regular weight and add bands or chains on top to challenge your muscles in new ways By implementing these nine tips into your routine you can accelerate your strength gains and reach your goals faster There are two main benefits of using bands and chains They change the resistance curve of the movement making the lockout portion of the exercise harder This is especially beneficial for breaking through sticking points in exercises like the bench press They increase power and explosiveness You ll have to explode out of the bottom portion of the movement to overcome the greater level of resistance at the top during the lockout Eccentric overloading is a technique where the muscle lengthening portion of an exercise is made harder than the muscle shortening portion This benefits strength gains because muscles can produce more force during eccentric contractions especially when you re tired later in your workout Training with machines that have eccentric overloading can be beneficial but they are expensive and not commonly found in gyms Alternatives include using a partner for the concentric phase and slowly lowering the weight down for the eccentric phase If you re an intermediate or advanced lifter training more frequently can make you stronger Beginners can maximize strength and muscle gains by training each muscle once per week but once you hit plateaus higher frequency is necessary for optimal gains Optimizing your training technique is crucial for building strength Correct form not only makes you stronger but also helps prevent injuries Small improvements in form can lead to significant increases in strength Other tips for building strength faster include reducing stress levels as highly stressed individuals recover slower after exercise and considering techniques like cluster sets Thank you

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9 Proven Tips to Get Stronger Faster

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