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Ethical Hacking Safeguarding the Digital Frontier 1 Introduction to Ethical Hacking Definition and concept of ethical hacking Distinction between ethical hacking and malicious hacking Importance of ethical hacking in cybersecurity 2 Legal and Ethical Considerations Legality of ethical hacking Ethical frameworks and codes of conduct Consent and authorization for conducting ethical hacking Privacy and data protection considerations Reporting vulnerabilities and responsible disclosure 3 Types of Ethical Hacking Network security testing Web application security testing Mobile application security testing Wireless network security testing Social engineering and physical security testing Cloud security testing Internet of Things IoT security testing 4 Methodologies and Techniques Reconnaissance and information gathering Vulnerability assessment and scanning Exploitation and post exploitation techniques Web application security testing methodologies Wireless network security testing techniques Social engineering techniques 5 Tools and Technologies Network scanning tools e g Nmap Vulnerability scanning tools e g Nessus OpenVAS Exploitation frameworks e g Metasploit Password cracking tools e g John the Ripper Hashcat Forensic tools for investigation and analysis 6 Network Security Testing Footprinting and reconnaissance techniques Port scanning and enumeration Vulnerability scanning and assessment Exploitation of network vulnerabilities Network traffic analysis Wireless network security testing 7 Web Application Security Testing Web application architecture and components OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities Injection attacks e g SQL injection XSS Cross Site Scripting XSS attacks Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF attacks Security misconfigurations and server side vulnerabilities 8 Mobile Application Security Testing Mobile application architecture and security considerations Assessing sensitive data storage and transmission Authentication and authorization vulnerabilities Reverse engineering and code analysis Mobile app specific vulnerabilities e g insecure logging unintended data leakage 9 Wireless Network Security Testing Wireless network fundamentals and protocols Wi Fi network scanning and reconnaissance Encryption and authentication vulnerabilities WEP WPA and WPA2 cracking techniques Rogue access point detection and prevention 10 Social Engineering and Physical Security Testing Social engineering techniques e g phishing pretexting Social engineering countermeasures and awareness Physical security assessments and bypass techniques Tailgating and physical intrusion testing 11 Cloud Security Testing Cloud computing fundamentals and service models Assessing cloud infrastructure and configurations Identity and access management testing Data segregation and privacy vulnerabilities Assessing cloud provider security controls 12 Internet of Things IoT Security Testing IoT architecture and communication protocols Assessing IoT device vulnerabilities Firmware analysis and reverse engineering IoT network security testing IoT specific attacks and countermeasures 13 Reporting and Remediation Documentation of findings and vulnerabilities Risk assessment and prioritization Creating detailed and actionable reports Collaborating with stakeholders for remediation Verification and retesting of fixed vulnerabilities 14 Emerging Trends in Ethical Hacking Role of artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML

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IIT Delhi COL 100 - Ethical Hacking- Safeguarding the Digital Frontier

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