BYUI HS 360 - Exam: Test 02 (Remotely Proctored)

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W04 Exam Test 02 Remotely Proctored Due Jan 29 at 8 59am Points 100 Questions 42 Available after Jan 23 at 9am Time Limit 90 Minutes Exam RequirementsA webcam and microphone are required to take this exam Exam SecurityThis exam will be monitored by Proctorio Learn more about Proctorio Instructions After studying and learning the information from Weeks 03 and 04 you will be prepared to complete this test Step 01 Spend at least 30 minutes to study for and prepare to take this test Review your notes and check for any diseases which may be less familiar to you Return to your text and or PowerPoints in Weeks 03 and 04 to study Remember you must complete the exam on your own without notes lesson materials other resources or other individuals so prepare well for your test Be honest and do not cheat yourself out of this learning opportunity Thank you for acting with integrity Step 02 When you are ready to begin select Take the Quiz Answer each question completely and to the best of your ability You may only take the test once You have 90 minutes to answer the 42 test questions once you begin Note Your score will be available after the due date Proctorio Please Review BYU Idaho uses Proctorio for two purposes to verify that test are completed with integrity and to verify student identity for accreditation purposes Make sure you are using Google Chrome Download and install the Proctorio Extension If the exam prompts you for an access code the Proctorio Extension is not installed correctly Technical difficulties 1 Make sure you are using Google Chrome and have the Proctorio extension installed Get the Proctorio Extension Links to an external site Chat Click the shield icon on your Chrome browser upper right and select 2 Contact Proctorio Support o o Live Chat 3 4 5 Email support proctorio com Phone 1 866 948 9087 or 480 428 4076 o o If no resolution contact the BYUI Testing Center remote proctoring team o o o If no resolution please submit an IT request under Course Help in the left navigation menu to escalate this problem o Monday Friday 9 00 a m 5 00 p m Mountain Time Email RemoteProctoring byui edu Phone 208 496 1767 Please refer to this help guide Links to an external site if you need assistance submitting a request Finally inform your Instructor and describe your current situation Please be aware that instructors are not trained to support Proctorio but need to be aware of any difficulties with Proctorio Attempt History Attempt Time Score 96 out of 100 Attempt 1 31 minutes LATEST Correct answers are hidden Score for this quiz 96 out of 100 Submitted Jan 23 at 11 30pm This attempt took 31 minutes Question 1 2 2 pts A mother brings her three day old infant Bailey into your clinic Mother is concerned because Bailey chokes every time she breastfeeds Mother reports Bailey throws up after each feeding and has developed a cough with frothy white bubbles When you weigh the child you notice her weight has dropped one pound since her birth three days ago What is the diagnosis Hirschsprung disease congenital aganglionic megacolon Cerebral palsy Tracheoesophageal fistula esophageal atresia Hydrocephalus Question 2 2 2 pts This life threatening disorder of the exocrine glands causes a copious amount of thick mucus Cystic fibrosis Omphalocele Down syndrome trisomy 21 Sickle cell anemia oxygen antibiotics including penicillin blood transfusion Calcium Hydrocephalus Question 3 2 2 pts In severe episodes or attacks an individual with Sickle Cell Anemia is best treated with surgical removal of the spleen Question 4 2 2 pts Adding this supplement to your diet with help prevent neural tube defects Vitamin B12 Potassium Cerebral palsy Pyloric stenosis Hydrocephalus Age of the mother Folic acid Question 5 2 2 pts Too much cerebrospinal fluid CSF in the ventricles of the brain will cause Duchenne muscular dystrophy Question 6 2 2 pts Cleft lip or cleft palate can be present despite efforts to avoid it however which of the following risk factors will place your infant at most risk Drinking alcohol during pregnancy Family history of cleft lip or cleft palate Smoking before or during pregnancy Question 7 2 2 pts Your cousin Kim has just had a baby boy Shane She is excited about being a mother however she has noticed some unique characteristics in her son Shane has an inability to suck or keep food in his mouth difficulty in voluntary movements difficulty separating his legs during diaper change and has use of only one hand What is your diagnosis Cerebral palsy Hydrocephalus Duchenne muscular dystrophy Cystic fibrosis Question 8 2 2 pts Which of the following factors places the mother at most risk for having a child with Down syndrome trisomy 21 Age of the mother Drinking alcohol during pregnancy Family history of Down syndrome trisomy 21 Smoking before or during pregnancy Question 9 2 2 pts In a patient with Down syndrome trisomy 21 the diagnosis is a result of an abnormality at chromosome 21 What is the abnormality One extra chromosome One less chromosome An extra X chromosome An underdeveloped chromosome None of the above Question 10 2 2 pts Aaron is a five year old male Mother has begun to notice Aaron is walking differently These symptoms have progressed in the last two months Aaron is currently walking on his toes and has begun to waddle when he walks What is the diagnosis Cystic fibrosis Down syndrome trisomy 21 Cerebral palsy Duchenne muscular dystrophy IV antibiotic treatment Blood transfusion Analgesics for pain relief Neural tube defect Question 11 2 2 pts Randel is a 23 year old African American male He was recently taken to the emergency room complaining of intense pain in his arms legs and abdomen Upon further examination he has jaundice and a fever Which of the following treatments reverse the underlying disease process Immediate surgery to remove the patient s spleen Question 12 2 2 pts What is the best treatment option for cerebral palsy Surgery to untwist the intestine Physical occupational and speech therapy Watchful waiting continue to monitor symptoms No treatment is possible Question 13 2 2 pts Nathan is a very sweet nine month old child Mother brings him to the clinic concerned because she can only find one of Nathan s testicles What is the most appropriate treatment given Nathan s age Reassure the mother education continue to monitor Surgery to retrieve the undescended testicle Oral steroids Genetic testing to accurately determine accurate gender Question 14 2 2 pts Nathan see Question

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BYUI HS 360 - Exam: Test 02 (Remotely Proctored)

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