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Evolutionary Biology Biology BIO 200 Section B Fall 2022 Monday Wednesday Friday 4 00 4 50 PM Knox 20 Dr Jessica Poulin Cooke 553 jpoulin buffalo edu Meetings Instructor Office Email Office Hours Monday Wednesday 2 30 3 30 PM across from Cooke 553 best for course questions study skills PLUS either Zoom style or in person by appointment best for personal matters Lecture TAs All lecture TAs also hold office hours in person or Zoom style by appointment Office Hours Th 2 30 3 30 PM Cooke 221 Office Hours Th 12 00 1 00 PM Cooke 221 Cole Fredericks Email colefred buffalo edu Nichole Mahler Email nmmahler buffalo edu Kaylee Hutchins Email kghutchi buffalo edu Jim O Donnell Email jdo2 buffalo edu Office Hours Tu 12 00 1 00 PM Cooke 221 Office Hours Wed 12 00 1 00 PM Cooke 221 Shikha Shelat Email shikhash buffalo edu Office Hours Mon 5 00 6 00 PM Cooke 221 Required Materials 1 Sold as a bundle at UB Bookstore Bio 200 Evolutionary Biology Laboratory Manual 13th edition Achieve eText Achieve is necessary for in class questions via iClicker 2 Portable wifi enabled device for taking lecture exams laptop recommended but not required 3 Lab notebook any solidly bound notebook no spiral binding a composition book works well 4 Dissection kit with scalpel 5 Regular reference to the course site on UB Learns Strongly Recommended Materials 1 Bio 200 Evolutionary Biology Lecture Guide 10th Edition Hayden McNeil Publishers All necessary materials required and recommended can be purchased at the university bookstore You may purchase all materials before class begins Lab manuals and notebooks MUST be purchased before Lab 2 Week 4 of classes The dissection kits will first be used week 7 Goals of the Course This course is designed as a general introduction to organismal biology what happens at the level of the organism and above You will not be getting in depth discussions of biochemistry genetics or cell biology that s the second semester of our intro sequence Instead you will learn how evolution works what organisms evolution has created and how those organisms interact with the environment and each other These three topics comprise the three sections of the course material evolution diversity and ecology At the end of the course you should have a general facility with the major topics of each of these fields that should prepare you for future courses in the biology department and related fields The formal assessment of these goals is detailed in the Assessment Items for Bio 200 posted under Course Information on UBLearns 2022 Jessica Poulin What you can expect from me and our course staff Respect We are very aware that this is not a high school classroom You are all adults and we will treat you as such We do not require you to do the suggested readings and while we give small numbers of points for attending there are free days included Each of you must determine the most effective way for you to gain mastery of this and all course material Help While the main function in this course is to pass on information about organismal biology another is to help you to become the best student you can be Make use of that role by asking questions in class working with the lecture TAs coming to our office hours and using the test preparation tools I provide Communication We REALLY like to interact with our students and you can expect us to do so often Since there are more than a couple of you please expect most critical communication to occur in lecture or over email We all love having students in office hours and the most successful students come to office hours regularly Timeliness I will start and end class precisely on time because I respect the fact that you and I have other places to go We will also grade your exams in as prompt a manner as possible so that you can determine how you are doing Honesty We will always tell you the truth to the best of our ability even when the truth is that we don t know something Hard work It is our strong desire that all of you will succeed As such we will work extremely hard to make this an excellent course This means that we all spend a lot of time on lecture exam and lab preparation Enjoyment I love teaching I love students I love biology I love this course Expect to see me having a lot of fun throughout this semester The lecture TAs like this course so much they have all come back to work with you What we expect of YOU Respect This is not a class for a single student you We are a community As such please respect your fellow learners and myself Do everything possible not to be disruptive cell phones chatting etc or distracting crinkling snack wrappers etc in class Help We can only help you to learn if you help us to do so By this we mean that you need to keep us apprised of how you are doing and of what you need as we move through the course We expect you to come to us with problems EARLY in order to give us the maximum opportunity to solve them We cannot help you with situations we don t know about Communication Check your UB email daily if not more often Make certain you are below quota You are responsible for any information including changes to the syllabus sent via email Timeliness Come to class on time and do not leave until I have notified you that class is over As I am committed to ending class precisely on time there is no reason for you to pack up early This is the most common form of student distraction see Respect above and it will not be tolerated Honesty You must always tell us myself lab and lecture TAs the truth both in person and on your assignments and exams Academic dishonesty is grounds for course failure Hard work This is a difficult course In order to succeed you must take responsibility for learning the material This will involve hard work and dedication I expect nothing less from any of you Enjoyment You re in college so I assume you re here because you want to be Have a good time You re learning amazing things What will we cover and how to find it Lecture will be divided into three sections Evolution Diversity and Ecology Specific daily lecture topics Lecture topics and readings and suggested readings can be found in the Course Information section of our UB Learns site Please check this regularly to make sure you are up to date All course information will be posted in the Course Information Course Documents OR External Links sections of UB Learns If you need to find something please check ALL of these areas before emailing me How to succeed 2022

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