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Evolutionary Biology Lab Biology 200 Section B12 Fall 2022 Meetings Location Teaching Assistant Email Office Hours Assistant TA Wednesdays 9 30am 12 20pm Hoch 218 rhysmend buffalo edu Rhys Mendel Fridays 5 00pm 6 00pm in Cooke 223 NOTE Students may attend ANY TA office hour Hana Samad Required Material Bio 200 Lab Manual Solidly bound Lab Notebook Dissection Kit with scalpel Available information Course Syllabus given out in lecture UBlearns Lab Manual Emails from me 1 Respect All students will respect each other Rhys Mendel and Hana Samad Students who 2 Attendance are disrespectful inattentive or distracting will lose points a Lateness All students will arrive to lab promptly at 9 30am prepared and ready to begin I will close the door at 9 30am If you are not in lab you will not be permitted to enter until the quiz is over Students are not permitted to open the door for latecomers If you are late PLEASE STAY AND ATTEND LAB so you can get participation points for the day b Absences If you are sick or have some other serious conflict and contact me BEFORE our lab begins I will arrange for a make up lab experience We prefer for students to attend another lab session so early notice is appreciated You will receive no credit for a make up lab unless you stay for the entire lab If you cannot attend another lab we will arrange for an online make up Your TA will send you an online lab video You must watch it within 48 hours or make other arrangements and then arrange with your TA to meet online or in person to make up the quiz and do a lab content check Except in extreme circumstances you must meet before the next lab meeting After two make up sessions all future make ups must be approved by Dr Poulin Notifications of absence after our lab begins are not eligible for make ups 3 Cell phones Cell phones will be put away during lab and will not ring or disrupt the class This includes for calculations Students who cause disruptions or distractions with cell phones will be given one warning after which their cell phone will be confiscated until the end of class 4 Tidiness All students will thoroughly clean their lab areas before leaving lab each week Students who do not will lose points 5 Communication I will use both lab meetings and email to communicate with you It is your responsibility to a listen during lab b record relevant information and c read your email I may send reminders or clarify assignments through email If you need to communicate with me do not hesitate to email me Be sure to use your UB email BIO200 LAB SECTION B12 as the subject email etiquette and to sign your name I will return all emails within 24 hours 6 Grades Any problems with a grade will ONLY be dealt with during office hours and within one week of the assignment being returned If you cannot make my office hours email me and we will set up a time to meet 7 Lab Manual Each student must have a current lab manual for this course You can buy them bundled with your lecture materials from the UB Bookstore You need to bring this with you to EVERY class Grading Item Hypothesis hmwk Tree building hmwk Vertebrate transition Notebook checks Oral presentation Quizzes Participation pts Clean up pts Lab exam Total Poin ts 10 5 10 25 27 90 36 12 60 275 There will be 10 10 point quizzes 100 pts during the semester Your lowest quiz score will be dropped Assignments grading criteria not explained in this syllabus will be fully explained in lab when assigned and BEFORE each is due All assignments except the Vertebrate Transition MUST be typed I expect you Computing In order to complete the labs ALL students must have access to a personal computer that meets UB computing requirements NOT a school computer tablet or Chromebook Requirements are posted on our UBLearns site Notebook Checks There will be four notebook checks during the semester Be sure that you your notebook to lab and complete the required work in your notebook always bring to take comprehensive notes from each lab Notebooks will be checked for completeness so it is important that you always keep your notebook NEATLY up to date Students should begin each new lab on a new dated page titled with the name of the lab You will record all data and answer all questions in your notebook Label and number all questions from the lab manual when answering them in your notebook Quizzes Beginning with lab 2 a 10 point quiz will be given during the first 15 minutes of each lab The lowest grade will be dropped You are allowed to bring a single 3 x 5 notecard to each quiz with anything you want written on it No typed notes will be allowed The door will be locked if you are late and you will not be permitted to enter until after the quiz is completed No exceptions Quizzes written in pencil will not be eligible for re grades Participation You are expected to actively participate in the lab every week and not to be disruptive in class You can receive up to 3 points per lab for this You may lose these points if you are disruptive Clean Up You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself at the conclusion of lab This includes your station being returned to the organized manner in which you found it and your chair being pushed in You can receive 1 point every week for clean up Lab Exam A 60 point free response lab exam will be given during the last full week of class or during finals week Late Work Assignments that are late and turned in within one hour of the end of lab will lose one point Assignments turned in between 1 hour and 24 hours after the end of lab will be worth half credit If an assignment is turned in later than that it will be corrected and returned but no credit will be assigned If you have computer printer problems you can email me your assignment before class with no late penalty but the assignment will not be graded until I receive a hard copy You are only allowed to do this once during the semester COVID 19 and Public Health Compliance You are expected to follow the UB Student Compliance Policy for COVID 19 Public Health Behavior Expectations These include but are not limited to 1 Follow ALL campus policy regarding masks face coverings 2 Stay home if you are sick or quarantined You MUST notify your TA of your status Students who are not in compliance will be asked to comply Students who fail to comply will be asked to leave the lab and forfeit all of the points from that lab including the quiz Students asked to leave MUST meet with Dr Poulin before they can attend

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