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Elections Campaign Finance Laws What is the FEC Election Laws Federal Commission An independent in charge of administering all laws dealing with federal elections Under funded and Require timely about the source of the money Place limits on campaign Place limits on campaign Provide public for several parts of the election process How is campaign spending changing over time given directly to a candidate for the purpose of use in an election given to state and local party organizations for voting related activities Hard Money Vs Soft Money regulated regulated Where does the Come From Individuals limited to per election Interest Groups PAC s limited to per election Political Government Interest Groups PACs A PAC committee that raises and spends money to elect or defeat candidates restricted in how much can be used to support specific candidates A type of PAC that may raise and spend sums of money for advertisements to support or oppose political candidates Unlike traditional PACs Super PACs may not money directly to candidates What are some examples of PACs and Super PACs

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UB CEP 541 - Campaign Finance Guided Notes

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