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Ethical Hacking What is Ethical Hacking The emergence of music sectors and ethical hacking can be attributed to technological advancements and an increase in cyber threats Ethical hacking has become one of the most lucrative career options It acts as a safeguard for computer systems against cyber attacks There is a growing demand for experienced ethical hackers which is expected to increase by 17 5 percent worldwide by 2025 Agenda De nition of ethical hacking and why it s important History of ethical hacking Phases of ethical hacking Recent cyber threats Fundamentals of Kali Linux Common cyber attacks such as phishing brute force attacks cross site scripting DDOS and SQL injections Ethical hacking using Python Penetration testing and steganography Introduction to Nmap and DVWA Comparison of Kali Linux to Parrot OS Ethical hacking roadmap and becoming an ethical hacker Key interview questions and answers Now let s go over the different types of hackers White hat hackers are ethical hackers who hack into a system with prior permission to nd out vulnerabilities so that they can 2 be xed Black hat hackers also known as crackers hack into a system to gain unauthorized access to harm its operations or steal sensitive information Gray hat hackers are a blend of both black hat and white hat hackers They act without malicious intent but for their own fun Lastly suicide hackers are those who work with the intent to bring down major corporations and infrastructure We can segregate hacking into different types depending on what the hacker is trying to achieve Computer hacking is the process of stealing the computer ID and password by applying hacking methods and getting unauthorized access to a computer system Password hacking is the process of recovering secret passwords from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system Email hacking includes gaining unauthorized access to an email account and using it without taking the consent of its owner for sending out spam links third party threads and other such harmful activities Network hacking means gathering information about a network using tools with the intent to harm the network system and or hamper its operations Website hacking means taking unauthorized control over a web server and its associated software such as a database and other interfaces Early hackers were members of the Tech Model Railroad Club at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology What those people did and were involved in are detailed in Stephen Levy s book called Hackers The spirit of what we do goes back to those early days Understanding Hacking and Its Various Reasons Hacking involves a deep understanding of something especially regarding computers and computing It is about exploring and learning new things and manipulating them 3 creatively and in ways that others may not have thought of before Hacking also involves digging into problems to nd solutions in creative and innovative ways There are various reasons why people hack including For fun and the joy of learning new things To prove a point or make a political statement For the challenge of it To prevent theft and protect one s company from cybercrime To nd problems that exist in a system and x them before attackers can exploit them To protect oneself from hacked computer companies and ght cybercriminals One type of hacking is ethical hacking where hackers think like black hat hackers but follow a moral compass that guides their actions Ethical hackers are not out to destroy anything but rather to identify vulnerabilities and x them so that bad things do not happen Types of Hackers There are different types of hackers including black hat white hat and gray hat hackers Kevin Mitnick is an example of a black hat hacker who engages in criminal activities On the other hand white hat hackers are ethical hackers who use their skills to improve systems and make them more e cient Gray hat hackers use the tactics of black hat hackers but have a white heart focus Hacktivists are another type of hacker who engage in activism by hacking companies to highlight their weak security postures or to support a cause However they may also cause harm to people which is not ethical 4 Skills Required to Become a Hacker Basic computing skills such as understanding operating systems system software and command line utilities are necessary for a hacker Networking skills such as understanding basic networking concepts and protocols are also essential Life skills including problem solving creativity perseverance and the ability to accept failure are also vital for a hacker What You Will Learn In this video you will learn how to use different tools networking and security concepts Reading packets from network captures is also crucial and you will learn how to do that The goal of ethical hacking is to make systems and networks more secure and you will learn how to achieve that Introduction to Packet Reading and Security Awareness In this series of videos we will learn how to read packets and understand different tools tactics and methodologies used in ethical hacking Information is crucial in this eld and learning how to obtain and exploit it is key We will also discuss security awareness risk vulnerabilities and the difference between a vulnerability and an exploit Skills Required for Ethical Hacking 5 Before diving into ethical hacking it s essential to have a basic understanding of operating systems We will cover various skills required to become an ethical hacker some at a deep level and others at a surface level Types of Attacks As an ethical hacker you will encounter different types of attacks One such attack is defacing which involves leaving digital gra ti on a website to mark your presence Another common attack is buffer over ow which occurs when too much data is sent to a buffer causing it to over ow and potentially override the return address from the function This can lead to the execution of injected code providing access to the system Format string attacks can also result in buffer over ow by manipulating the input or output data in a C programming language Another attack is a denial of service which prevents legitimate or authorized users from accessing a service It can be caused by a ping ood a SIM ood or a malformed packet It s important to note that a denial of service is not the same as a distributed denial of service DDoS which is a coordinated attack using multiple hosts in different locations often

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CCGA CRJU 4110 - Ethical Hacking

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