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Digital Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing The future of digital marketing seems bright as the online world continues to evolve Nearly 77 of global organizations have already used digital marketing making it one of the top 10 most in demand skills This Edureka digital marketing full course video provides a thorough understanding of digital marketing from theory to practical applications If you want to learn more about digital marketing consider enrolling in Edureka s Digital Marketing Certi cation Course accessible through the link in the description below What is digital marketing Why do we use digital marketing How to create a digital marketing plan Different types of digital marketing Search engine optimization on page off page Yoast SEO Paid marketing Google Ads Content marketing Social media marketing A liate marketing Email marketing Integrated digital marketing campaign Data driven marketing Career in digital marketing and how to become a digital marketer Essential digital marketing interview questions with answers Agenda 1 What is Digital Marketing In simple terms digital marketing is the promotion of products over the internet or any form of electronic media As people consume digital content on a daily basis traditional marketing platforms will eventually disappear replaced by digital marketing Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that promote a product or brand using electronic devices or the internet leveraging online marketing tactics such as search marketing email marketing social media marketing and mobile marketing to connect with current and prospective customers Why Master Digital Marketing Marketing has many options and digital marketing provides the opportunity to experiment with every aspect of a marketing campaign Tasks that can be completed online cannot be done with traditional marketing such as printing ads phone communication and physical marketing Digital marketing is a platform where you can put your ideas across and get support from others Therefore mastering digital marketing is essential for businesses and individuals alike Why You Need to Master Digital Marketing If you want to stay ahead in the competition then you need to master digital marketing The industry has several divisions that work together to contribute to the overall growth of the rm Digital marketing operates over the digital platform which is also known as data driven marketing and uses the internet for the promotion of various goods and services The Scope of Digital Marketing 2 The future of digital marketing is booming worldwide In 2016 the industry had over 1 5 lakh job opportunities in the digital marketing domain In the rst quarter of 2017 there were close to 8 lakh job opportunities Digital marketing is exible easy to access has high engagement ratio and offers a promising career with immediate results Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing Easy to measure investment returns Effective and less expensive than traditional marketing Customized targeting Global reach Current Digital Marketing Trends According to statistics digital marketing is set to increase to a total of 118 billion dollars The Indian marketing tra c is expected to grow 291 times bigger than what it was in 2005 The current trends in digital marketing include Arti cial intelligence Chatbots Video marketing Arti cial Intelligence AI Chatbots 3 AI is considered the biggest commercial opportunity for companies industries and countries and will increase the global GDP by up to 14 percent by 2030 AI has numerous potential applications in marketing including content marketing advertising and customer service Chatbots are AI based technology that uses instant messaging to chat in real time with website visitors or customers Chatbots are used to provide services like customer support generating information and many more With examples like Siri and Alexa chatbots can make a difference in our daily lives Video Marketing Video marketing is one of the most famous and important market trends today and is likely to continue for the next ve to ten years It is a powerful tool for engaging customers and promoting products and services The Importance of Video Marketing Video marketing is an essential tool for businesses as it has been found that 70 of consumers have known a brand by watching their brand promotional video on different marketing channels Additionally 52 of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more con dent in online purchase decisions By 2020 marketing videos will make up more than 85 of all consumer internet tra c in the US While YouTube is commonly associated with video marketing there are plenty of ways to drive higher engagement ratio such as making a small video post or starting a live broadcast on various social media platforms like Facebook Twitter Instagram and others The Rise of Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing Augmented and Virtual Reality marketing is a top highlight of 2019 as it allows bringing static or unreal environments that would integrate the offer with the reality of the buyer This trend is expected to grow as the AR and VR worldwide market size is expected to reach around 209 2 billion dollars in only ve years 4 The Signi cance of Voice Search 111 8 million people in the US are using voice assistant in a week and around 31 of smartphone users across the world will be using a voice activated search like Alexa and Siri by the end of 2020 By 2020 50 of all queries will be voice based Businesses must focus on their marketing outreach efforts for using voice engine optimization and long tail keywords to promote their products The Importance of Digital Marketing Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century and mastery of digital marketing techniques is a must known prerequisite Digital marketing helps in creating a marketing strategy to achieve marketing goals driving more sales branding the company building a better relationship with customers and providing better ROI Digital marketing also offers a wider and dynamic career opportunity and it helps businesses appear on the search engine result pages Why Learn Digital Marketing Digital marketing offers a multitude of career opportunities that are in high demand With over 75 000 job listings on popular job portal Indeed com both freshers and experienced professionals can nd job options in this eld In addition to job opportunities digital marketing also provides the option

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CCGA FINC 3100 - Digital Marketing

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