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Bernoulli s Equation The Efficient Engineer Bernoulli s equation is a simple but incredibly important equation in physics and engineering that can help us understand a lot about the flow of fluids in the world around Us IT essentially describes the relationship between the pressure velocity and elevation of a flowing fluid WE can use it to explain how planes generate lift or calculate how fast liquid will drain from a container We ll explore these applications and a few more later on Bernoulli s Principle shows up in a lot of different places WE can use it to help explain how plane wings generate lift IT also explains how Bunsen Burners work The Pitot static tube is one such device often used in aircraft to measure airspeed Bernoulli s equation can be applied between upstream point and the stagnation point All of the kinetic energy is essentially being converted into pressure energy at the point IF we An outer tube which is sealed at the end but has holes further downstream the outer tube will measure the static pressure of the fluid These Two pressure measurements give us all of the information we need to determine the velocity of the flow There are several different ways Bernoulli s equation can be derived IT can be based on conservation of energy or on Newton s second law But It can also be derived based on the work done on the fluid increases its kinetic energy THis is usually valid for liquids but might not be for gases at high velocities Adapted versions of the equation which can be applied to unsteady and compressible flows do exist

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UA CHEM 380 - Bernoulli's Equation

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