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AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS Disclaimer This e book has been written for information purposes only Every effort has been made to make this ebook as complete and accurate as possible However there may be mistakes in typography or content Also this e book provides information only up to the publishing date Therefore this ebook should be used as a guide not as the ultimate source The purpose of this ebook is to educate The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information contained in this e book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this ebook 2 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 4 CHAPTER 1 WHY AFFILIATE MARKETING IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY FOR BEGINNERS 6 HOW AFFILIATE MARKETING WORKS 8 CHAPTER 2 HOW TO FIND AND SELL AFFILIATE PRODUCTS 11 SELLING PHYSICAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 13 Other Options for Selling Physical Products 16 SELLING SERVICES 17 CHAPTER 3 HOW TO CHOOSE AFFILIATE PRODUCTS WISELY 18 WHAT NOT TO SELL 19 ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES 20 CHOOSING PHYSICAL PRODUCTS 21 CHAPTER 4 BUILDING AN AUDIENCE AND MARKETING THE PRODUCTS 23 HOW TO CREATE A BRAND THAT SELLS 24 PLACING YOUR LINK 27 Creating a Sales Page 27 Building a Store 30 More Ways to Sell 31 PPC ADVERTISING AND OTHER MARKETING 33 DIRECT SELLING THROUGH FACEBOOK AND OTHER PLATFORMS 35 CHAPTER 5 POWERFUL MODERN TOOLS AND STRATEGIES 36 CRUCIAL TOOLS FOR TAKING AFFILIATE MARKETING TO THE NEXT LEVEL 37 More Tools 39 CONCLUSION 40 3 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS Introduction Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for anyone to earn money online This is a quick and passive method to earn cash that is highly scalable and that is easy to set up No technical skill is required and if you choose the right products and connect with the right market you can stand to make hundreds of even thousands of dollars in a short space of time But let s back up for just a moment First what precisely is affiliate marketing How does it work And what makes it so much more effective than other money making strategies for internet entrepreneurs 4 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS Essentially affiliate marketing means selling a product that is not yours for a commission You then get to earn money for each sale you make meaning that all you need to do is to connect that product with an audience that will appreciate it When selling affiliate products such as eBooks you will often find that you get to keep 70 or more of the profit Choose the right product and you can earn just as much money as someone who built a product themselves In this book you will learn the benefits of affiliate marketing as well as how to get started quickly and efficiently in order to begin making money With smart product selection a primed audience and just a little bit of good fortune this could genuinely change your life For those that are already selling affiliate products this book should serve to provide you with the additional skills and tips you need to really take your business to the next level This includes the tools being used by top brands in order to sell HUGE ticket items like MBA courses and 5 000 powerhouse laptops 5 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS Chapter 1 Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Make Money for Beginners Affiliate marketing is a concept that eludes many people How can you make money from selling something you didn t make How can earning money online really be that simple The simplest way to explain it is that it is essentially sales You are acting as a seller and earning commission on any sales you make In that way you are just like the door to door salesmen who come around to sell you broadband The difference is that you aren t going door to door The internet is your door and this is a door that gives you access to everyone 6 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS on the planet That right away gives you a huge advantage and especially when you learn how you can get the visitors to come to you The other difference here is that the commission scheme is going to be highly different Regular salesmen will normally get a small cut of whatever they sell perhaps 5 10 As mentioned the difference with affiliate marketing is that you re going to get as much as 70 80 of the proceeds That s right often as an affiliate marketer you are actually going to earn more than the creator of the product This is what makes affiliate marketing so hugely appealing because it means that you can start earning just as though you were selling your own product but without having to invest lots of money to create something from scratch What s more is that because you ll be selling a product that is already out there you can choose something that is already selling in big numbers When you create your own product to sell there is always a small risk that you ll build something that no one wants When you simply market something that is highly popular that becomes much less likely Another huge benefit of affiliate marketing is just how scalable it is If you create a single web page selling the merits of an affiliate product then you can start profiting from it within hours In that 7 AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS case then what is to stop you from making another page to sell another product And another page to sell another product How Affiliate Marketing Works So let s get a little more technical shall we How precisely does affiliate marketing work and why would a creator ever be happy to give away so much of their own profits First let s consider the type of content you are going to be selling To many marketers affiliate products will be digital products There are plenty more options which we will explore in this book later But for now that s what we ll focus on That means things like eBooks like online courses and like presentations Digital products are immediately a good choice for selling online because they have zero overheads and no COGs this is a business term meaning Cost Of Goods Sold That means that the creator doesn t have to pay out at all for each sale and they can instead just make profit and share that profit It also means they never had to invest large amounts of money upfront and they don t have to handle delivery either So the creator likely made this digital product themselves using Word or a camera or

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