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Anaemia anemia classification microcytic normocytic and macrocytic and pathophysiology Anemia can be rigorously defined as a reduced absolute number of circulating red blood cells in practice a low hemoglobin concentration or a low hematocrit is most widely accepted definition for anemia Anemia is defined as hemoglobin level of less than 120 grams per liter in females and less than a hundred and forty grams per liters in males Anemia can be categorized based on the size using the mean corpuscular volume as we have talked about another way to categorize anemia is by the mechanism of anemia The body is trying to compensate and produce more reticulocytes to replenish the red blood cells that are lost If the blood film only shows large mature red blood blood cells this is non lastik and can signify alcohol abuse hypothyroidism and pregnancy When a red blood cell gets destroyed they release a number of things which are important things to measure to see whether someone has hemolytic anemia There are four blood tests to order in someone with suspected anemia including measuring their lactate dehydrogenase which should be elevated The reticulocyte count should also be elevated because the body is trying to produce more red blood cells there should be an increase in bilirubin

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