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CSS Tutorial With Notes In this video I am going to teach you CSS from starting to the end with the help of an example driven approach Many beginners have complained that they get frustrated with CSS as they didn t understand how things actually work With the help of this tutorial I am going to solve this problem forever I will explain how things work through examples and complete handwritten notes that you can use to revise anytime We will start from basic CSS and go till the advanced level And at the end of this tutorial we will make a project HTML is just a skeleton layout of a website but if you want to make an attractive website then you definitely need CSS CSS stands for cascading style sheets and it helps make our HTML look better by writing CSS in some sort of syntax It helps to make our website look beautiful by displaying colorful and responsive layouts To follow along with this tutorial we will need to install VS code which is a source code editor If you don t have it already you can search for install VS code on Google and download it This tutorial Is designed to help both beginners and experienced developers to understand CSS better and create stunning websites Passage A has tips on opening the power shell on Windows or Terminal on Linux to control a directory from VS Code and emphasizes the importance of learning CSS for web developers to customize any website It also suggests using Firefox instead of Chrome for learning CSS Passage B on the other hand offers a video tutorial on how to conceptually learn and master CSS with the help of handwritten notes for easy reviewing It also touches on the importance of understanding HTML from a design point of view and how to make it look responsive Additionally it includes information on how to share feedback with MailOnline about their design challenges and submit stories or images for their website Lastly it provides resources for suicide prevention hotlines in the UK and the US Close Chrome and open chapter 0 in Firefox In Chapter 0 we talked about writing our first line of CSS which is adding the CSS tag after the title tag inside the head tag You can use this to change the background color of the body to red Another way to add CSS is by creating a CSS file which can be saved using CTRL S After that you can use the style sheet and change the color of the background to Red If you open this folder by right clicking and selecting open it with VS code you can extract the files using the provided zip file It s important to know how to add boilerplate code in HTML using Emmet As for the mystery of the undeletable folder if you have any insights please let us know in the comments section below DOM stands for document object model and it is the tree like structure of objects that represent an HTML document DOM manipulation involves changing something inside this structure such as adding or modifying elements or text Each HTML element can be given a unique identifier using an ID similar to the unique identifier in schools However it is important to note that only one element can have a specific ID within the document Elements can also be assigned to a class which can be used for multiple elements unlike IDs CSS is used to create the layout of a website making it more attractive and dynamic than just relying on HTML for the skeleton layout HTML provides the basic structure for a website while CSS is essential for designing its appearance Understanding the differences between HTML and CSS is important for creating a website that is both functional and visually appealing Thanks to the advancement in technology it is now much easier to create basic websites without needing a lot of coding expertise However adding more advanced features and designs may still require professional help or a lot of practice and experience with web development

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CSS Tutorial

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